Armor Lock Fail

One of the new features of Halo Reach are armor (or “armour” if you live in the old world) abilities. I’m not so gone on them, except for the drop shield in a game of Firefight.

  • The jet pack makes you a sitting duck for other players.
  • Sprint gets you around quickly but it takes an age to fire afterwards.
  • Holographic Decoy was fun the first time I tried it but now everyone know what they are.
  • Active Camo scrambles radars telling everyone you’re around.
  • Drop shield is great except other players will of course target it.

And then there’s armor lock. This ability is really useful if you’re playing with a team that’s cooperating and communicating but if you’re playing the lone wolf “Call of Duty” style you’ll probably be out of luck. Even against a noob player like me.


Bad Company 2 Conquest went well tonight…

Bad Company 2 Conquest went well tonight. First with Mike and then with Duck. We didn’t win every game but they were enjoyable and that’s the main thing isn’t it? Got the “Flag Attacker Pin” 3 times too. Capture 4 flags in a round.

The other night my brother called over and we played some split screen Halo Reach. Good fun in Firefight, and Duck joined us again. We were slaughtered when we joined a game of Swat Magnums. Ouch. Tye joined us just as we were logging off, so hopefully we’ll get a few games in another night.

Congrats David on getting 1000 subscribers to your channel. Great achievement and a testament to the entertaining videos you upload!

I rendered a Halo Reach game and while I did upload it to show a few people, I want to add some sort of commentary on it before I make it public. Here’s a tip for Linux users, who have a remote server and who render videos on Bungie Pro. Download the video from on to your server. I used wget in an ssh session. It downloaded the full 515MB in a matter of minutes. Then launch Chrome, Firefox or your favourite browser from your server and display it on your desktop machine using the remote desktop ability in X and login to Youtube. Now hit the upload form and when you browse you’ll actually be browsing your server’s home directory! I uploaded that 515MB file in about 2 minutes. My home broadband would have been there all night doing that as the upload speed is much slower than download!


Is the lag in Halo Reach coop as bad for…

Is the lag in Halo Reach coop as bad for anyone else as it is for me? Conor got himself an Xbox 360 and even though we’re separated by a matter of 20 miles or so the lag in Firefight and campaign coop was terrible!

Good game of Swat though! Skill matching rocks when you’re a noob! 🙂

Edit We’re not alone. 1, 2, 3 and many more. *sigh*


I finished the single player campaign of…

I finished the single player campaign of Halo Reach and it was very enjoyable. Ending was…. well, good actually. Bit sad though, but it’s unlocked now for coop play. Make sure you watch through the credits. It’s worth it.

In other news, the lag monster attacked and destroyed a few games of Call of Duty WAW that myself, Mike and Conor had this evening. Sasben, hope the lag in MOH was better. Still, Mike and myself had one decent game of domination.

Everyone, leave a comment encouraging Mike to do a commentary. He’s a beast of a player and I for one would love to see him make use of that new PVR he has! 🙂


You buying Medal of Honor?

It all seemed so easy in the last year or so to pick what games to buy.

  1. Modern Warfare? Check.
  2. Modern Warfare 2? Check.
  3. Bad Company 2? Check.
  4. Halo Reach? Check.

Medal of Honor? I don’t know yet. I’m waiting to see what Mike thinks of the game!

Meanwhile, videos have started to appear on ye olde Youtube..

Geoff likes it. +1

NGT likes it. +1

d0n7bl1nk likes it. +1

So, thumbs up from a number of Youtube commentators. Apparently lag has been pretty bad on all versions, particularly the consoles. Hopefully they’ll get that sorted out.

I’m actually enjoying Halo Reach and wishing it was multi platform so I could play in a game with my friends on the Playstation 3, but maybe the next Bungie game will give us that opportunity. I briefly considered buying a PVR as all the cool kids are doing that, but Bungie Pro is cheap enough, and you can render 50 minutes of gameplay for US$5 which won’t break the bank. If I feel motivated enough to try that, add a voice over and upload it, then I’ll splash the cash. It’s not as if I get amazing gameplay all the time but I do have my moments.


Halo Reach Mythbusters

Mythbusters return to shatter and confirm myths surrounding Halo Reach.


The Halo Obsessed



Halo Reach: Death in pictures

I previously mentioned watching Paul as he ran away from big hulking monsters in a recent game of Firefight but it was actually his pal, Valkyr1e, who was last man standing in the game I was thinking of. Paul’s time came in a different game!

Halo Reach allows you to play back any of your recent games in it’s Theatre mode. You can render videos from games if you give them money but you can take screenshots for free, so…

This is me. Facing a bloody huge monster who fires green bolts of fire every few seconds. Oh no! I’ve got my assault rifle, threw my last grenade behind this huge guy a few seconds ago. What to do? Back away, back away, back away!


Brown Pants Time! Fire! Fire! Fire!


Blood spurts everywhere as I go flying backwards after being brutally punched by this huge armoured alien. In the background you can see Valkyr1e, a moment too late to save my ass.


Unfortunately with Paul and myself out of the game Valkyr1e was up against some tough competition. We watched over his shoulder as he made a tactical retreat out of danger.


It was hopeless. He dived out of cover and made a break for it going for the weaker enemies down slope.


No sooner had he dispatched one of his foes when he was struck cowardly from behind and fell under a hail of blows and laser fire. The objective had been lost.


Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe. Oh wait. This isn’t Youtube.


I’m sorry Paul, watching you run away f…

I’m sorry Paul, watching you run away from huge giants firing green blobs at the end of that game of Firefight last night was really entertaining. Myself and VALKYR1E of course were ghosts watching over your shoulder, hoping you’d succeed but the odds were against you.

I played a few games of Halo last night, and unfortunately they were really laggy again. It may well have been Paul’s wireless connection. If you have any suggestions for him, check out his blog post above!

Rocketfight is such good fun isn’t it? 🙂


More good games of Halo Reach last night…

More good games of Halo Reach last night, but the lag in Firefight was really bad. Nice to finally play with Damien (Hey DOD, get your mic fixed, I want to hear if you’ve lost your Cork accent out there in Texas!)

The “skill matching” seemed to help, and in one game of SWAT we were matched with a team with at least one other noob. I got quite a few headshots in that one! I must try to get a few more screenshots.

Thanks Paul, Damien, Tye, Nick and nadrojb for playing! Check out Paul’s post about his Halo experiences!