Future First Person Shooters

So you think your PC is so amazing that the graphics are near realistic? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Looks like they haven’t improved the spawn system in COD 15 either. Oh well. (via)

Black Ops Combat Training split screen c…

Black Ops Combat Training split screen can actually be fun! I figured out that the second player can change team so we’re both on the same side so myself and my brother had a ball against the enemy AI.

Getcrackin joined us for a few games too and as we were playing recruits he mowed them down!

I’m sure recruit level difficulty is more difficult than it was when the game first came out. The enemy AI throw a lot less grenades now too. I didn’t need flak jacket at all!

The Garnz Intro

Nice, Garnz uploaded an intro and gameplay video from Black Ops!

You played 7 hours straight? I miss those days! Years ago I was asked how I had so much time to spend developing free software and I shrugged. I just did. Of course I was living at home and had all the luxuries and none of the responsibilities of being a parent and home owner. About 18 years ago I stayed up the whole night on a Saturday night coding in assembler on my C64. I looked out the window and saw the sunshine hit the tops of the trees. I was wrecked that day I can tell you!

Eh? What’s that youngster? In my day we had cardboard boxes and we were glad of them!

All time highest Black Ops killstreak: 14 kills

Yes, yes, yes. All you super-duper lightning fast 360-noscope blah blah players are laughing right now but I got my highest killstreak in Black Ops in a game of TDM with some random players yesterday. 14 kills without dying!

Quite pleased with myself I can tell you!

I did narrate this video but it’s so rubbish it doesn’t deserve to see the light of day. Hope you enjoy the minor killing spree in this “no comment” version.

Oh, and Hanni! You’ll enjoy the very last clip!

There’s a huge update for Bad Company 2…

There’s a huge update for Bad Company 2 coming on the PS3 this evening, including data and assets for Map Pack 7 and Vietnam so it’ll be big. It can’t come soon enough if you ask me!

Duck, Conor and myself had so much trouble getting into games of Black Ops we retired to Combat Training where admittedly we had lots of fun. One game we did get into was on launch where we were hammered like shiny new nails into plywood. Very quickly and with little apparent effort. Grrr.

Still, I had a game of TDM early in the evening on Havana and got the first kill with that grenade throw. Very satisfying!

Wii Call of Duty Black Ops

Black Ops on the Wii looks interesting. Graphics are not as good as the PS3 or Xbox 360, but that’s to be expected. It still plays at quite a blistering pace. The wandering gun sight might make viewers sick however. It tends to jump around quite a bit!

I’ve said it before (maybe in my head, …

I’ve said it before (maybe in my head, but probably in this video) but watching other players in the theater mode in Black Ops is enlightening.

Sometimes I’m outgunned but more often than not it’s because I rush around too much and I’m easy pickings for those with more patience. I’m no Pyropuncher, by a long shot.

So what should a level 9 Black Ops player do? My favourite weapon class is the assault rifle but I’ve only unlocked the Enfield so far. It can be effective but against higher level players I’m outgunned.

I need to play more defensively, I think.

I watched a game I played last night in which I went 6-13 on Jungle (it’s in my recent games list) and it was interesting seeing the highest scoring player play in Theater. He went around with a shotgun and played brilliantly. In one confrontation he jumped out of a hut flanking three enemy soldiers and took them all down. Later however he grabbed a sniper rifle and lay on the ground for a good 20 seconds with the scope on trained on one location. Guess who was unlucky enough to go (slowly and warily) around that corner? Yeah, I still recall thinking he must have been a little camping fecker to get that kill…

So what are your favourite assault loadouts? Duck was using the galil and that motion detector along with his RC car. I watched Mike use that motion detector too in a game of domination but I don’t know if I’ve unlocked it yet. I’m currently using the Enfield with extended mags with hardline, sleight of hand and ninja perks and my global KDR is 0.75.

What would you do?