More good games of Halo Reach last night…

More good games of Halo Reach last night, but the lag in Firefight was really bad. Nice to finally play with Damien (Hey DOD, get your mic fixed, I want to hear if you’ve lost your Cork accent out there in Texas!)

The “skill matching” seemed to help, and in one game of SWAT we were matched with a team with at least one other noob. I got quite a few headshots in that one! I must try to get a few more screenshots.

Thanks Paul, Damien, Tye, Nick and nadrojb for playing! Check out Paul’s post about his Halo experiences!


0 thoughts on “More good games of Halo Reach last night…

  1. Just mentioned it on my blog but thnx again for the invite, had a great time 😉

    Hey – don’t knock us noobs – we gotta start somewhere but sorry I didn’t do better!!!!

    1. Haha, I’m firmly in the noob class myself so I’m not knocking anyone! It was great to play against people who didn’t have eyes in the back of their heads and an aim that could take down a bird in flight 😉

      That said, I did shoot down Damien at least once or twice when he ended up on the other team. Jetpacks really are useless, you’re a sitting duck up there in the sky!

      1. LOL, I Just read your post. I never noticed you flying at all so you must have been using it well! Damien flew right into the middle of that wood-panelled level and was a sitting duck a few times.

        The drop shield is dead handy, suits my gameplay, and I think I got a few points when other players recharged inside it during a Firefight game but I could be wrong about that.

  2. Well I didn’t use it much tbh in that particular one, I used it more in the ‘open’ ones as in the wood panelled one, they were a really good team and I was dead through most of it

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