Good couple of games of Halo Reach Firef…

Good couple of games of Halo Reach Firefight there with Meech, Alex and Paul. All of us either blogging on or working for Automattic. 🙂 Despite the atrocious lag we had lots of fun. The lag was so bad that the game would stall or stutter every 10 seconds […]


More Halo Reach Tips

As the guys from work are going to be playing Halo Reach on Sunday evening I better get some practice in. I’ve still only played 24 games so I’m an utter noob at the game. In the meantime take a gander at the video above. Some good tips for those […]


Well, finally. It was bound to happen. I…

Well, finally. It was bound to happen. I had a half decent game of Halo Reach! I went 8/10 in a game of Slayer DMRS (which I think is an assault rifle with a scope). Game was on the same level as the tips video in my last post and […]


Halo Reach Tips

B3ndro gives some great tips for Halo Reach in the video above. He mentioned using Octagon as a means to practice so I went searching … It’s basically a small octagonal map, big enough for 1 vs 1 game and by the looks of things handy for aiming and practicing […]


I’m starting to get into the Campaign i…

I’m starting to get into the Campaign in Halo Reach now. I have to admit that after the space battle I was sort of disappointed there was no Elite style docking sequence and classical music to accompany me in… (From the BBC version, which didn’t have the excellent music of […]


Halo Reach Firefight

Remember how I said I couldn’t get into this game? Well firefight is great fun! I just had a great game with duck and ryan lasting 40 minutes of quite tense shooting. When you’re last man standing and you have to finish off the current wave it gets bad, especially […]


I played Bad Company 2 the other night w…

I played Bad Company 2 the other night with Mike and Conor and it was hard to find a full game. The first one or two were but soon we were playing with and against incomplete teams. Perhaps it’s back to school time, or it could even be the Halo […]


Look what the postman delivered

Halo Reach and Retro Gamer waiting for me when I got home. Cool. Now I need sleep, some Bad Company 2 with the guys to get back into the gaming groove and then some Halo. I’m sure I’ll see Anthony playing it no matter what time I play it!


Reach preordered

After reading the glowing reviews of the new Halo game, and watching Anthony grapple with the frustration of not being home when his copy arrives, I logged into Amazon a few hours ago and ordered my copy. This is despite the fact I don’t really want to renew my Xbox […]

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