Had a few mostly forgettable games of Ba…

Had a few mostly forgettable games of Bad Company 2 on the Xbox this afternoon. On all but one game I ended up on teams that were being hammered and usually on the last or second last base.

Last one was pretty good though. We were defending on Isla and stopped the enemy on the first base. We got best squad and I got the second highest score in our team. Thankfully one member of my squad was a medic who revived me a few times. At other times there were 2 recon and as usual standing well back.

Again I was surprised that it appeared only 2 members of our team were engineers. I tracered a few helicopters and so did the other guy but almost everyone was a medic. The lonely assault guy I spotted on our team near Bravo ignored my calls for ammo, when I ran out of tracer darts. Bah. Still, the bad guys had learnt their lesson, using the Apache as a transport vehicle and crashing into the crates.

Oh yeah, I just remembered that I got at least 1 teamkill, and probably 2. I took down Alpha 2 on Isla by shooting the back of the building. Unfortunately a squad member was standing next to the building and got taken out by the falling dust. Someone else may have been in the building. Pity they didn’t have a mic to warn me.

I unlocked the engineer’s 4x scope, and alt vehicle weapons.

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