Fifty years with WordPress

Ah yes, them were the days when we had to type blog posts on quaint old keyboards. Can you imagine it? You actually had to write everything letter by letter. Today’s thought entry systems are so much more convenient don’t you think?

That there Matt fella is still the youngster he always was. He may not be quite as fast on his feet but that embedded camera in his skull sure takes some snazzy photos. My camera gives me a headache, especially when the lens doesn’t focus fast enough. Great to see that mind blog integration stuff working out for him though. I can’t believe blogging has come so far in such a short time.

Oh wait! Fifty? It’s only been five. Where have the years gone? Matt noticed that I officially joined the WordPress team 5 years ago today! At the time I was working on the predecessor to WordPress MU, b2++ that was running on Blogs. It was a sometimes hard slog. MU was always on the sidelines of the WordPress community and somehow it escaped the attention of the vast majority of people online. I noticed many surprised voices when people found out what was running on!

Two years later and Matt starts Automattic and I come on board to work on and I’ve never looked back. The GPL licensed WordPress and WordPress MU go from strength to strength.

As a final note on this rambling post, if you enjoy using WordPress, head over to and read their philosophy page to find out what influences Matt and Alex and everyone else who contribute to GPLed software projects.

16 thoughts on “Fifty years with WordPress

  1. Today seemed like as good a day as any to finally bite the bullet and install wordpress. I’m working on a photo-editing plugin. I’m more excited about developing for the wordpress platform than I was about developing for facebook.

  2. I know we’re all grateful for you! I’m especially grateful since I currently use MU to run the larger of my two sites. 🙂 I hope you’re still having fun…


  3. More than 2 years ago, I installed WP on my server expecting more freedom in managing blogs I host for non-tech clients as well as for myself. I never expected to receive a “voice” – its more like, if I were a singer, of being able to sing the songs I wanted and to heck with being “commercial” but I get to have THAT too. Talk about having your cake!

    WP is too good to be true. The community is overwhelming and the passion that stirs everyone is infectious. I cannot imagine having a non WP blog. I cannot even imagine blogging without WP at all. Here’s looking at being able to post, just like you, about decades of being with WP and not “looking back.”


  4. i realy liked the beggining and especialy the reference on Matt. You realy got my attention on an article that probably would have slipped as “just another birthday one”. nice!

  5. I really want that “thought system” for blogging, just that I need it now, not in fifty years. Anyone who can make a plugin for it?

  6. If the sidebar content was more collapsible, a lot of people would save a lot of money on printing which is not to belittle the scope of your blog, of course. And then there is always the print version to thank.

  7. Glad you have been at it.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how cool wordpress is.

    By the way, my neural implant plugin seems to keep bugging, and my avatar shows whatever I am thinking at the moment.

    It can be highly embarrassing.

    Happy wordpress birthday!


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