DOSBox, a x86 emulator with DOS

Ok, it’s not specifically Linux related, as this DOS emulator has been ported to Windows, BeOS, MacOS X as well as Linux, but I’m excited about it because I may be able to play Syndicate again! I couldn’t even get that DOS game to work in Windows 98 AFAIR. I had more luck running it in Dosemu, but without sound support unfortunately.
Dosbox is available on apt-rpm too, which is where I stumbled across it.

Sore hands? Take a break..

Simon discovered Work Rave recently. It’s a program similar to Xwrits which I have running on my X desktop. It forces you to take a break every so often and hopefully let your hands rest. I’ve used Xwrits for a long time now, and it’s one of those apps I wouldn’t be without.

Images From Around Cork

Sunset over the Kinsale Road Roundabout

View from just above Silver Springs.

Roches Point at Night

I travelled down to Church Bay yesterday as night fell. I was hoping to get some nice long-exposure shots of the lapping water. Long exposures cause the water to take on a ghost-like quality I’ve seen in other photographs. Unfortunately, I need more practise!

Ss Peter and Paul’s Church, Off Patrick’s Street.

Every Sunday morning at 10am mass is said as Gaeilge here. It’s a beautiful building and these photos are part of an assignment for a leaflet on the church.

IPTables Firewall Tutorial

Ronan Kirby posted a lengthy, but excellent tutorial on Linux IPTables to the CLUG this morning.
He goes through the commands needed to create a simple firewall for a gateway or client machine and explains each stage well.

2006-10-11 – Ronan’s post has moved here somehow.

Comment Moderation Is In

Moderation of comments is now enabled on every blog on this server!
When someone posts a comment, you’ll receive the usual email with the comment, but at the end of the email will be a link to the Comment Moderation page for your blog.
From this page you can list:

  1. All comments posted in the past month.
  2. All Comments.
  3. New Comments.
  4. Deleted Comments.
  5. OK Comments.

Comments aren’t really deleted, just not displayed. I may add an option to “really delete” a comment eventually.
I’ve updated the comments on every blog here to “OK” status. This means all current comments will be displayed. You can change that status as you like from the backend.
Please leave a comment here, or mail me if you notice any bugs (There’s bound to be!), or have any feature requests.

Ten killed in New York ferry crash

I got an awful fright this morning when I heard this story on the radio. Martina and I took that same ferry many times when we stayed with my cousin on Staten Island.
I just heard on the radio that the pilot of the ferry may have fallen asleep. He’s in hospital after apprently trying to commit suicide!

Comment spam on

Well done spammers, you finally discovered this site! I received 3 comment spams last night and others have been hit too. It was inevitable I suppose but now it’s time to take care of the problem.
There are so many methods of stopping this abuse of the site and they’ve been endlessly discussed in the blog world. I tried to pipe 2 of the spams to spamassassin but it doesn’t work too well unfortunately. Chances are, it won’t work when run as “nobody” either.
I’m opting for the method that keeps the CLUG and Webdev mailing lists free of spam: moderation. When someone posts a comment to your blog you will receive an email as normal with that comment, but it will also include a moderation link to validate or delete the spam. By default moderation will be turned on.
The next step would be a “registered user” mode so that regular visitors can register (with email validation) and post comments by-passing the moderation system.