When you get new memory cards..

When you get new memory cards for your camera make sure you format them first. I took about 20 photos at lunchtime and one or two were good enought to go up here, but Linux refuses to see the card, saying,

# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/camera
/dev/sda1: Input/output error
mount: you must specify the filesystem type

Time to format the card..
Update! I’m glad I went searching first. The Digital Camera Support for UNIX page is a comprehensive listing of digital cameras that are compatible with Linux and BSD. It lists the Sony DSC-F717 there and says you can use the usb-storage device, or PTP mode to access it. You can use gphoto in PTP mode and download photos using a nice GUI!

EV Compensation

The 717 has a histogram showing the composition of the image seen through the linse. I know what it represents, but wasn’t sure how to manipulate it or use the information it presented to me. This tutorial on EV Compensation certainly helps and provides example shots to illustrate!


Mark Goldstein has an excellent blog here. Although he does concentrate on the high end, where I have no chance of joining for a good couple of years!

2003 Taste of Chicago

Woohoo! The 2003 Taste of Chicago starts today! Here’s what’s on today!

The 2003 Taste of Chicago presented by U.S. Cellular will field a great line-up of food, activities and entertainment, June 27- July 6, 2003 in Grant Park, featuring many returning players as well as some great new stars.
Taste-goers will step up to the plate at 65 restaurants serving specialties from pizza to pierogies. A different restaurant will be featured each day in the Gourmet Dining Pavilion each of the ten days of the festival.

Chicago from afar

This is what I see if I look towards Chicago from the top of my apartment.. (some obvious and not well done manipulation done in the GIMP)