I finished the single player campaign of…

I finished the single player campaign of Halo Reach and it was very enjoyable. Ending was…. well, good actually. Bit sad though, but it’s unlocked now for coop play. Make sure you watch through the credits. It’s worth it.

In other news, the lag monster attacked and destroyed a few games of Call of Duty WAW that myself, Mike and Conor had this evening. Sasben, hope the lag in MOH was better. Still, Mike and myself had one decent game of domination.

Everyone, leave a comment encouraging Mike to do a commentary. He’s a beast of a player and I for one would love to see him make use of that new PVR he has! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, another level to play with a stark, brutal objective. I didn’t last long but the level is unlocked now so it could be fun in coop 🙂

      1. Played a deathmatch no teams level afterwards with the MP40 and health instead of stopping power and got a K/D of 15/9, I’m definitely sticking with that for a bit. Also no-one was using their mike, which added a touch of class.

  1. Yeah mate, lag was fine in MoH… Sorry about the WaW invite, don;t have it on me for the PS3 anymore.


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