How many visitors come from Google?

I use Google Analytics to track visitor numbers to my site as well as a custom written referrers package some of the early users of may remember. That only records 7 days of data because of the data size so when I wanted to know how many visitors come from Google to my blog I went looking at Analytics.

Google visitors in October

To do the same on your site, open Google Analytics and select your site. Click on “Traffic Sources”, then look at the list of top sources. Chances are Google will be near the top of that list. Click on that link and you’ll see a graph like the one above. Done!

Donncha's Wednesday Links

  • Find out what your site’s pagerank is at livepr. Does it matter any more? My traffic hasn’t changed much with the drop in PR.
  • I want to look at the xcache and eaccelerator wp plugins. The wp-hackers thread looks promising! Ryan’s working on a new caching module and says he has managed to load many pages with 0 queries, adding, “I’ve been testing with your xcache backend for the object cache and things are pretty freakin’ fast.”
  • WordPress MU tutorials. Good stuff.
  • Tom says a hacked version of Leopard installs on regular PCs now. He just announced he’s off to Spain next year. Good luck! You’ll be missed!
  • If you thought your library needed updating or that the librarian was too strict, it’s worse in Beijing.

    I once seriously considered starting to borrow books from NLC, but was later very disappointed to find that borrowing certain books there and taking them home to read required at least a postgraduate degree if a card-holding borrower wishes to do so. They include imported foreign-language books.

  • XSS? Cross site scripting? What’s that? If that means nothing to you, read xss hacking exposed. The new $wpdb->prepare() function makes protecting SQL queries in WordPress much easier now. via
  • Ryan blogged about Haydn’s Gallery ICA where in Kinsale he and I have prints on display. If you’re in the area, pop in and say hi to Haydn!
  • Lloyd writes about many of the great contributors to WordPress in WordPress 2.3 Heroes. If you use WordPress, take a moment to read about the people who made this major release possible.

With the release of WordPress MU 1.3 yesterday I can once again concentrate on other WordPress projects. Apart from some interesting priorities I really need to get that caching plugin out the door.

WordPress MU 1.3

Finally, after what seems like an age, the download page has been updated with the new WordPress MU 1.3 release.

WordPress MU is a multi-blog version of WordPress which runs on millions of blogs all over the world. The major blogging site, uses it as do many others.

This is a sync of WordPress 2.3.1 which includes native tagging support as well as many bug and security fixes.
WordPress MU specific features include:

  • Better admin controls for the signup page. It can be disabled in various ways.
  • Upload space functions have been fixed.
  • The signup form is now hidden from search engines which will help avoid certain types of spamming.
  • Profile page now allows you to select your primary blog.
  • Database tables are now UTF-8 from the start.
  • If you’re using virtual hosts, the main blog doesn’t live at /blog/ any more.
  • The WordPress importer now assigns posts to other users on a blog.
  • A taxonomy sync script is included in mu-plugins but commented out. It hasn’t been tested much but if your site has many hundreds of blogs it might be worth spending some time on a test server. Replicate normal traffic patterns and see if the server can cope with the upgrade process. If not, then look at the sync script, uncomment it and iterate over all your blogs with a script.

Developers – get_blog_option() will never return the string “falsevalue” again. That bug has been squished and it now returns the boolean value false.

This forum thread on the new release is worth watching. Any problems will surface their first.

Thanks to:
Everyone on the MU forums for your help in tracking down bugs.
ktlee and momo360modena for all your patches. They’re very welcome and a huge help.

Extensive documentation is being built up on the WordPress MU Codex by many people, including Martin Cleaver who bugged me about moving the docs from Trac and about telling everyone that documentation help is always needed.

Signs that Halloween is tomorrow

eggs at the checkout

Sign reads, “Eggs are at the checkout”. I remember seeing similar signs in other shops in previous years. My car was egged twice on successive years after working late. “Those damn kids!”

Donncha's Tuesday Links

There’s nothing like the laughter of your baby to perk up one’s morning after a bank holiday weekend!

Vim's cursor keys work in Mac OS X again

export TERM=linux

Ever since my Macbook died and was fixed again Vim hasn’t worked properly in iTerm.

I’m a big fan of SSH and Screen. SSH to connect to a remote server, and Screen is like a workspace organiser for your SSH session.

First of all the backspace key worked in Vim even when not in insert mode, but worst of all, the cursor keys refused to work and only succeeded in ringing bells in the terminal. Previous attempts at fixing the problem failed but I must have searched for the right terms this time. This review of Mac OS X led me part of the way. Sébastien recommended setting the TERM to “dtterm” but Screen didn’t recognise that. Setting it to “linux” fixes my SSH sessions, and also fixes Vim locally as well!

I added the snippet of code above to my ~/.bash_profile to make the change permanent and everything is back to normal now! I have a vague memory of fixing this before but I wish now I had blogged it then!

What time is it WordPress?

Daylight Saving Time (DST) kicked in this morning in Ireland, the UK and many other parts of the world when the clocks went back 1 hour. The US is next week from what I remember. If your server is using UTC time, check Options->General, the “Times in the weblog should differ by” textbox in your blog and adjust accordingly!


Here’s a discussion on the forums about the issue from last year and I found this extend idea that has already been implemented in the Time Zone plugin, but it only works on UNIX-like systems and if you’re not using PHP’s safe mode.

PHP5 has the date_default_timezone_set function, but not enough hosts are using PHP5 to make that a universal choice. It would be nice if all this was done automatically, but hopefully with the further adoption of PHP5 that will happen eventually.

And don’t forget to check your other gadgets, especially digital cameras. I doubt many of them know anything about timezones!

Donncha's Saturday Links

A mixed bag, from germs and bugs to splogs and chocolate tasters.

  • Grannymar reminds us germs lurk everywhere. I’m always careful in public toilets, but it never occurred to me how bug-ridden ATMs are!
  • wp-hashcash works pretty well as an anti-comment spam tool. Make sure you have curl installed before installing it. Now, will someone adapt it for use on WordPress MU’s signup form, or maybe even the Write Post form? Might put a dent in the sploggers efforts to ruin our sites.
  • I forgot to mention yesterday, Donal lives here. Well done on the move bro! Great party last night!
  • Amid concerns that WiFi signals cause cancer, threaten the environment or cause nuclear meltdowns, this tshirt should come in useful.
  • An oldie, If architects had to work like programmers… via Barry.
  • The perfect job, taste testing dark chocolate. Conor says it’s to assess it’s value for money! Oh the poor guy.
  • Yahoo comes to Ireland but can they ever beat Google again? Does anyone care?
  • Not Drupal, WordPress MU – using WordPress MU instead of Drupal in a school environment and authenticating against Active Directory. He’s got a few niggling problems still, but it’s looking good. Anyone have other WordPress MU success stories to share?
  • Mark takes me back with this blog post about Wizball including the great soundtrack!

It's all about the L drivers

2007-10-20_img_7378-hs.jpg It’s all about the learner drivers. Yesterday the Road Safety Authority here in Ireland decided to finally enforce and tighten up the rules regarding drivers on provisional licenses and it caused uproar. I have some sympathy for learner drivers because they were only given 4 days notice. The new regime starts on Tuesday.

While it’s true that learner drivers are in the main more nervous and less experienced than drivers who have passed the driving test, the simple act of passing the test doesn’t suddenly bestow on someone skills and responsible behaviour that remain with the driver throughout their lives. We wouldn’t need the anti-drink driving campaigns or speed cameras if that were true. In Blarney yesterday a woman in a small car crept forward in busy traffic looking out her open window at the street signs with a mobile phone glued to her ear and when she trundled past us I saw a quizzical, worried look on her face as she tried to find where she was going to, completely oblivious of the long tailback behind her.

Four days was way too short however. If you’re going to pull the rug from underneath a large minority of the driving and working public give them adequate warning and improve the training and testing facilities. If everyone handed in fake “my employee needs a car for his job” letters the waiting lists for tests would still be just as long. That’s no way to run a driver testing facility.

It is so easy to say, “You had two years to do the test, why didn’t you do it?” Provisional drivers had it easy unfortunately, there was no stick forcing them to take the test. Now there is. Bloody big stick too. All I hope for are safer roads once the dust settles.

The Season 7 24 Trailer

Just how many bad days can Jack Bauer have?

Mark says “24 has ripped off all four Die Hard movies all at once.” with this trailer and it looks like he’s right. Every season gets bigger and bigger. I can’t wait ’til it starts! The Sky one page doesn’t have any start details, and Sky+ shows it’s not on next Sunday. Waiting, waiting, waiting ..