TuxKart 3D racer!

apt-cache search racing returns a number of interesting looking games, one of which is TuxKart by Steve and Oliver Baker. A quick “apt-get install” and I was up and racing!

The game itself is simple, and if you’ve played any of the other kart games around it’ll be familiar. I laughed when Tux first ran over a fish and heard a big gulp sound but it might get annoying to those around you, so turn the volume down!

Check out the homepage linked above for screen shots!

Credit Card Pins – thank you

Hope you had a nice Christmas and you’re enjoying the holiday! I just took a look at my credit card statement and I’m glad the new credit card PIN numbers were brought in. I forgot mine several months ago and now I rarely use my card because a lot of shops won’t accept a chipped credit card without it! Great!

No, I haven’t got around to getting a new one yet, thank you.

It's Red Tinsel Day!

Happy Christmas to Today FM fans and everyone else!
Unfortunately I don’t have any tinsel but here’s me wishing lots of strangers and friends a Happy Christmas! 🙂

WordPress.com Goodies

Yesterday it was announced that Yahoo will bundle WordPress right alongside Movable Type on their website! Matt and the rest of us were keeping mum on everything until yesterday, but now it’s out I can blog this. Matt has links to online coverage of the event.

Me? I think it’s great, the best blogging platform just got a huge boost from a very major player on the Internet! Maybe when I talk to people about blogs in the future they’ll know what I’m talking about!

The new Automattic website launched yesterday too. There’s a little blurb about me on the About page, although I do not drink Murphys except for that time years ago when I drank a pint with a shot of Baileys to help it go down.. that was interesting.

In other news, Performancing for Firefox came out. It’s a blog editor extension for Firefox that looks pretty cool. Unfortunately I’m not using Firefox 1.5 yet so I can’t try it out.

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer

I tried Gizmo a few nights ago and it works really well! The conference feature could be invaluable for global groups who need to keep in touch.

I’m probably one of the few people in the world who hasn’t used Skype so I can’t compare yet. Skype does offer almost-worldwide calls at 2c/minute I think but for calling the US, Gizmo is better at 1c/minute!

Even better, just like Skype, Gizmo also runs on Linux!
(Edit: the url for this entry has been updated because when I copy/pasted the title I brought over a strange “-” character that the post slug didn’t like! You should be able to click this entry now!)

Matt in Blarney

Matt has been in Cork for the past few days and we’re catching up on WordPress stuff. After mentioning a local beverage, the discussion on his blog has centered around which is better, Guinness or Murphys! I don’t drink either so I’ll let that up to others!
He’s going home soon, but expect a podcast interview by Tom Raftery before the end of the week, and I’ll post a picture later today!

Here it is! A great photo taken by Jacinta outside Blarney Woollen Mills.

Later .. Matt is on his travels again and he’ll reach the US later today. He was a pleasure to have visit as he’s so easy going! The local B&B he stayed in, River Walk, is run by husband and wife, Eddie and Grace and they put on an early morning breakfast to prepare him for the day!

Apart from the B&B, Eddie runs a Bikecraft.ie where he runs motorcycle training courses!