Is the lag in Halo Reach coop as bad for…

Is the lag in Halo Reach coop as bad for anyone else as it is for me? Conor got himself an Xbox 360 and even though we’re separated by a matter of 20 miles or so the lag in Firefight and campaign coop was terrible!

Good game of Swat though! Skill matching rocks when you’re a noob! 🙂

Edit We’re not alone. 1, 2, 3 and many more. *sigh*

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I can’t remember. I think there is an achievement for finishing the game in coop, but I could be wrong.

All the posts I’ve seen about the lag make excuses for it saying the game is so complex with so many enemies and vehicles on screen at the same time but I think it’s a cop out. Net code doesn’t need to send that much data and with only 2 players there shouldn’t be any problems. Grrr.

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