Screensaver vs Movies

If you use mplayer to play your movies then add this line to ~/.mplayer/config to turn off Xscreensaver. Much better than hitting CTRL every few minutes!

# Write your default config options here!

Squeakland – computing for kids

Niall, who should know, says Squeakland is “incredible”. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s described as “media authoring tool” and is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix! Check the “What is Squek?” page for more.

30 years ago this was a fantasy about how children would learn science and math some day on their own notebook personal “Dynabooks”. After many years of building and testing these ideas, today this scenario is real.

What is RAW?

What is Raw? This article goes in-depth into what raw photography is about and explains the advantage of having 12 bits of colour versus 8 bits in a jpeg file.

Panoramic Photos of Ireland

Here are a few shots from around Cork and Kerry which I have stitched together using Autostitch.
Click on any image for a larger version although the larger images have been saved at low quality setting to save on file space and bandwidth.

Cork City

Baile Na nGall

Field Near Youghal

Ballycotton on a Sunday

We took a trip down to Ballycotton this evening and met some friends down there for a leisurely walk. Here’s a few photos from the excursion: