Armor Lock Fail

One of the new features of Halo Reach are armor (or “armour” if you live in the old world) abilities. I’m not so gone on them, except for the drop shield in a game of Firefight.

  • The jet pack makes you a sitting duck for other players.
  • Sprint gets you around quickly but it takes an age to fire afterwards.
  • Holographic Decoy was fun the first time I tried it but now everyone know what they are.
  • Active Camo scrambles radars telling everyone you’re around.
  • Drop shield is great except other players will of course target it.

And then there’s armor lock. This ability is really useful if you’re playing with a team that’s cooperating and communicating but if you’re playing the lone wolf “Call of Duty” style you’ll probably be out of luck. Even against a noob player like me.

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    1. Thanks, did pretty well in that game. I strung a bunch of clips together for a longer video that I’ll hopefully upload in a day or so!

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