I finished the single player campaign of…

I finished the single player campaign of Halo Reach and it was very enjoyable. Ending was…. well, good actually. Bit sad though, but it’s unlocked now for coop play. Make sure you watch through the credits. It’s worth it. In other news, the lag monster attacked and destroyed a few […]


It was for a few games of Call of Duty W…

It was for a few games of Call of Duty WAW and Bad Company 2 that I switched on my PS3 last night. Mike joined me in a few coop games of the WAW campaign. It was a blast to play on hardened difficulty and all new to Mike as […]


Zombie Silliness

One of the highlights of COD World at War is the zombie mode. No screaming, singing teenagers! Video above is a bit NSFW but it’s funny. You have been warned! (via)


Good game in the tank

Hopped in a tank in COD WAW this evening and did rather well! Then into a game with mike and his pals against zombies and we kicked ass until level 10!


Smoke rocked the games of Bad Company 2 …

Smoke rocked the games of Bad Company 2 we played last night. David and I joined a game of rush and I was mostly assault, and smoking it up on defense and attack for most games and it paid off. We won every game played I think! On past experience […]


Doing alright in WAW

I might as well be doing alright in some game. Got slaughtered in a few games of rush this evening. Sorry Conor, squad was full by the time you logged in! Thanks Mike, Wiid and the other silent reddit player. A squad of level 50 medics proved too much for […]


Couple of games of WAW with Conor to sta…

Couple of games of WAW with Conor to start with and I had a few half decent games. Got a few double kills, and even earned the recon plane once. Lots of trash talking in the lobbies of course. If I’m playing it without anyone on my friends list I’m […]


Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

As you may have guessed from the title we played the Zombie levels in COD World at War last night. David, Mike and myself were all noobs at the game mode but Tye explained how things like the magic box worked. We eventually lasted until round 12 in the last […]


I had some good games of Call of Duty Wo…

I had some good games of Call of Duty World at War last night with David, Mike and Cards. I bought the game earlier in the evening in HMV, trading in the Xbox version of it and COD4, and leaving with store credit of 4 Euro to boot! First things […]

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