I finished the single player campaign of…

I finished the single player campaign of Halo Reach and it was very enjoyable. Ending was…. well, good actually. Bit sad though, but it’s unlocked now for coop play. Make sure you watch through the credits. It’s worth it.

In other news, the lag monster attacked and destroyed a few games of Call of Duty WAW that myself, Mike and Conor had this evening. Sasben, hope the lag in MOH was better. Still, Mike and myself had one decent game of domination.

Everyone, leave a comment encouraging Mike to do a commentary. He’s a beast of a player and I for one would love to see him make use of that new PVR he has! 🙂


It was for a few games of Call of Duty W…

It was for a few games of Call of Duty WAW and Bad Company 2 that I switched on my PS3 last night. Mike joined me in a few coop games of the WAW campaign. It was a blast to play on hardened difficulty and all new to Mike as he hadn’t played the single player game at all.

Next up we joined a few games of Bad Company 2. The BC2 community is definitely getting smaller. Most games were not filled. Games were tough, but we had fun despite the fact our team wasn’t the greatest in the world. Tye joined us shortly afterwards, and we were constantly awarded the best squad medal.

Mike left before or during my last game which was a last tough one. We were defending on Arica harbour. Attackers used every trick possible to destroy the crates. They basically steamrolled through us until the end where we holed up. I smoked the area, and knocked the attackers down to about 11 tickets before the destroyed our last crate. We did well even if they did use C4.


Zombie Silliness

One of the highlights of COD World at War is the zombie mode. No screaming, singing teenagers! Video above is a bit NSFW but it’s funny. You have been warned! (via)


Good game in the tank


Hopped in a tank in COD WAW this evening and did rather well!

Then into a game with mike and his pals against zombies and we kicked ass until level 10!


Smoke rocked the games of Bad Company 2 …

Smoke rocked the games of Bad Company 2 we played last night. David and I joined a game of rush and I was mostly assault, and smoking it up on defense and attack for most games and it paid off. We won every game played I think!

On past experience I remembered running out of smoke grenades, even with an ammo box at my feet so I equipped the extra explosives perk giving 4 grenades. I was able to lay down a never ending barrage of smoke to protect us. We successfully defended on the first base on White Pass and Laguna Presa.

The enemy were down to about 30 tickets on White Pass. They had blown the MCOM station on the ground and did some serious damage to the walls surrounding the upstairs one. We had clear line of sight out to the construction site, and of course our backs were exposed through the window behind us. Eventually, the enemy took out all the cover inside the room too, and did arm it a few times. We had a few medics on our team who did sterling work reviving me after a few 40mm grenade deaths. We didn’t have a wall, but we did have smoke, and because of it the attackers couldn’t see into the room. We successfully defended by the skin of our teeth. Thanks David, Wiid, Ogga and later Tye for some superb games.

Oh, i’m 10 kills away from a platinum on my AN94. Wooh.

Can’t say the same thing about World at War. The evenings seem to bring on the loudmouthed idiots. Screaming, shouting, playing music through the intermission. Each time I’ve played earlier in the day that has never happened. Perhaps the kids are still asleep or at school. So, for the next session of Call of Duty I’m going to use a Skype session if possible, or at the very least mute VOIP. If you play WAW with me DM me on Twitter and we’ll sort something out.

We didn’t do so well at WAW team deathmatch. I read yesterday that Treyarch don’t try to match players of similar skills and I’d believe it.

Check out David’s post about the night’s gameplay too!

Update! David posted a great video of our attack and defence on White Pass. Like him, I was amazed when we won that game defending Alpha!


Top of my team again!


Top player on my team in WAW again. Not that it means much when you look at my kdr. Still fun!


Doing alright in WAW



I might as well be doing alright in some game. Got slaughtered in a few games of rush this evening.

Sorry Conor, squad was full by the time you logged in! Thanks Mike, Wiid and the other silent reddit player. A squad of level 50 medics proved too much for us in the last game.
Still, we beat them off in the previous game despite their use of c4 on the mcom stations and driving c4 laden quad bikes at them too. Cheap.

It’s strange playing Bad Company 2 again after Call of Duty World at War. WAW is so much faster and arcade like. You have many more close encounters than you do in BC2. Running in BC2 is sedate in comparison.


Couple of games of WAW with Conor to sta…

Couple of games of WAW with Conor to start with and I had a few half decent games. Got a few double kills, and even earned the recon plane once. Lots of trash talking in the lobbies of course. If I’m playing it without anyone on my friends list I’m going to set the VOIP volume to 0 so I don’t have to hear all that crap.

Top of the team!

We followed that up with a coop campaign game, and were joined by 2 others. One of whom sounded like a 12 yro and kept saying, “follow me, I know where the ray gun is!” He got that ray gun of course.

The MP40 with Juggernaut is a beast of a combination and I know I wasn’t the only one using it! The distinctive sound of that gun is easy to make out..

Blur finally as David said they were trying to get some footage for Duck. We joined very late and I only had one game. Conor and I came last and second last. I really don’t think Blur is going to be part of my regular gaming.

Great Bad Company 2 triple commentary by Cards, David and Colin on a game we played 2 weeks ago. What sets this triple commentary apart from others is that I was playing too!
No, that’s not it. David’s editing of the video takes this format to a higher level. In other multi-video commentaries I’ve watched the producer will show the videos of all participants on the screen, one in each corner and I’m left wondering, “Who the hell do I watch? I’m not going to watch each little box! Watch this video 4 times? Screw that!” No, David zoomed in and out of his and Cards’ videos as action took place. It’s a simple trick but takes time to do well and he took that time. Nice work.

PS. Cards says the most powerful class in WAW is the following:

Bouncing Betties
Steady Aim.

Heed his warning never use it again once you get good at the game! 🙂


Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

As you may have guessed from the title we played the Zombie levels in COD World at War last night. David, Mike and myself were all noobs at the game mode but Tye explained how things like the magic box worked. We eventually lasted until round 12 in the last game I played with them. Getting overwhelmed with zombies at the end was quite an experience! Spectating was a blast though, especially watching over his shoulder as David ripped apart zombies!

We played some other game modes earlier. Mike and myself played a game or two of domination on a sub base level and did fairly well. David logged in and then Tye joined us and we hopped into some deathmatch. Oh dear. We got plastered. Apart from the teenage boys practicing their soprano voices, players on the other team were obviously old hands at the game. They knew all the routes, some were armed with MP40s, they dominated us in every way unfortunately. What I’d like to know is why teenage boys are doing playing a videogame on a Saturday night? Billy no-mates?

WAW has a neat cooperative mode where you can play the original levels from the game. While I was waiting for the other guys to show up I played that level in Berlin where you go into the underground. What’s more. Any XP you earn goes towards your online multiplayer leveling! I got to level 10 and unlocked the MP40. Apparently that’s the weapon of choice for all the try-hards as it’s overpowered. Yes, I’m sure I’ll use it too. 🙂

Not to self. Read the Call of Duty Wiki. This is Juggernaut. I definitely saw the, “Juggernaut symbol (a plus sign in a red and white circle) will appear just below the crosshairs” when I was playing last night.

PS. Here’s David’s post about the dire games we played. He has lots of valid points unfortunately.

Pyropuncher on WAW. He says if he plays after 7pm he inevitably gets into a game hosted in the US. Unfortunately I rarely play anything before 7pm..


I had some good games of Call of Duty Wo…

I had some good games of Call of Duty World at War last night with David, Mike and Cards. I bought the game earlier in the evening in HMV, trading in the Xbox version of it and COD4, and leaving with store credit of 4 Euro to boot!

First things first, I had to change the controls to tactical. Too long playing Bad Company 2 I guess. Then I upped the sensitivity but pushed it down again, and finally, the brightness settings in the game are a bit low. Hang on, very low I meant. A lot of the core maps are gloomy and dark and seeing enemy soldiers can be difficult. Once I pumped the brightness up they became a lot easier to spot!

I did reasonably well, in that I didn’t get slaughtered very often. Maybe I’m just good at hiding. I even got several double kills. One of those ironically when someone warning, “they’re bunched up together over there!” A second later two enemy soldiers came rushing through a doorway and I just had to keep the trigger squeezed to kill both.

I didn’t notice much lag in the games, but there were occasions where I pumped an enemy full of lead and they just kept on running. Only after looking at the screenshots I posted here did I notice that my network meter was at 2 bars most of the time. The one time I had 3 bars I did much better!

Beginner’s luck? Probably, but it was a blast.

Cards uploaded a video of one of the games last night. That was mighty fast!