Charlie Harper Sucks

The Charlie Harper Sucks website really does exist! I watched the episode of Two and a Half Men last night where Rose setup a Charlie Harper hate website so I had to see if it was really there. Unfortunately it redirects to a Warner Brothers site but at least they created a site with that devil picture of Charlie!

In real life, Charlie Sheen’s love life isn’t going too well. He and his wife Denise Richards are divorcing. Denise is 6 months pregnant with their second child.

Sheen thought that her hormones (due to the pregnancy) are raging, but the former gorgeous Bond girl felt very neglected. Maybe she felt that Charlie was slipping back to his old self…which she said she ”can’t even comprehend” (when asked about whether his past bothered her).

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idk how ppl think charlie’s hot!! he’s ugly. he’s funny and crap but hes so ugly and irresponsible. the guy who plays allen really does have to keep him in check. but cudos to the show. me and my mom watch it everyday!!!

Olá, meu nome é karina, e escrevo do Brasil, eu adoro este programa two and a half men’s ( dois homens e meio) Amooooooooo…. fico todas as madrugadas acordada só para assistir .. adoro o Charlie.. ele é muito engraçado!!! E realmente é um cara sedutor.. um demoninho entre as mulheres ne?… rsrsrs…kkkkk….. grandes beijos.. sou sua fã. Karina.

Charlie Sheen and 2 1/2 Men gave us 9 years of excellent television viewing. Charlie may have his off screen difficulties but is certainly a fan favorite. His treatment by the show has been almost as outrageous as Charlie’s behavior off the set. Ashton Kutcher is funny in his own right, but he is in no way a compitant replacement for Charlie Sheen is this comedy hit show. 2 1/2 Men used to be a MUST SEE program, and the producers and writers have turned it into I will watch it if nothing else is on. Bad move Kids

My wife refuses to watch the new Two and a Half Men. Ashton Kutcher is hopeless compared to Charlie Sheen.

Can’t see the series surviving for long. I presume all the actors have made their fortune though so no loss for them!

Will we watch whatever else Charlie Sheen does? Maybe, but probably not. He’s past it…

U bitch.. charlie harper rocks.. I am his biggest fan in this world.. charlie is the ideal for those poor and innocent men who were tricked by bitches.. and chuck lorre is a crazy man for firing charlie.. he sucks.. and so as the show without charlie.. u r my ideal charlie.. love u..


if this is really you responding to these emails, please enclose a picture of you so that others don’t think it is someone trying to be you. I do some what watch two and a half men, but I would really like to know about the prostitue that said you locked up in the bathroom and she stole your watch and wallet was that a joke or a fib? Are you really that gaullable and desperate to be with woman? why not work things out with your wife Denise Richards instead, after all she is having your second child doesn’t that mean any thing to you?

Hi Charlie how are u? Just wanted to say, 2 and a half men will never be the same without you, the new episodes are not that great, but the episodes that you acted in they were awesome they rocked 🙂 loved ur acting, it’s a shame u quit the show :(((( use to watch it all the time, but now when ur not there, it’s no fun watching it any more…. Tc

heeey charlie 🙂 your the best one on the show ! im sad that u quit 🙁 your very very funny ! just like me lols you know just give me a call 😉 hahah jk ! anyways i watches your shows 24,7 and ill never stop watching them ! your the best !!!

hello charly im your big fan and I lowe your scene and my name is crystofer youdic and I coming from malibu to so I see your hose ewery day I myn I go walk bifrond your hose so I love you

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