How to Brush Your Teeth

John goes over the technique he uses to brush his teeth. I should spend more time on my teeth, as tooth ache really really hurts! Oooowwww!

I always assumed flossing was to remove the food particles from between your teeth, but I was informed the main reason for doing this is to remove the plaque build up underneath the gum line. In fact, even if you brush your teeth properly, you have only cleaned 60% of the tooth surface. This highlights just how important flossing is.

Photoblogger/Flickr Meetup at Clarion Hotel Tomorrow!

If you have a camera, run a photoblog or you’re in town, there will be a meet up tomorrow in Cork!
Everyone will gather in front of the Clarion Hotel at 2pm tomorrow where we’ll plan our photographic assault on the city!
It’s also the Jazz Weekend here in Cork so there’ll be plenty of interesting subjects to shoot!

For more info, and a map, look at this page, or Ryan’s Blog!
See you there!

Bring Back Bosco!

If you’re not Irish you probably don’t know about Bosco, but if you grew up in the 80’s he’ll be instantly familiar. The Bosco Files has been around for a while but now, here’s a petition to bring back Bosco!
Maybe now they can answer why bosco has red cheeks, and will Frank be back to do a comedy intro?

Later.. The Bosco DVD is out! As is the Wanderly Wagon one! Here’s a picture of them in HMV, Cork a week ago. Did I buy? Err, no.