b2 updates – referer spamming, b2++ and WordPress

First of all the trivial stuff. I just noticed that my referer log was spammed by some domain resellers. The script I based my referer code on already had “checking” in there to make sure the referer actually listed your url on it, but I didn’t enable it. That’ll be enabled and added to b2options shortly. I also added a “delete” function to b2referers so you can delete referer records to get rid of spammers.
I just noticed that Google, Ask Jeeves and other search engines have visited in the past few days. I should really ignore those hits in the referer script.
This morning I received an email from Matthew Mullenweg asking me to join the WordPress effort. It took me all of 5 seconds to agree that b2 would be best served by a merger of b2++ and WordPress.
I’m off to Chicago on Sunday, life’s hectic here as I tie up loose ends. It’ll probably take a few weeks before there’s anything useable from this merger, but I’m excited at the future possibilities of b2!




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  2. It looks like I”m going to have to download this newer version. Caching eh? I was thinking about that just yeseterday. That would certainly make me sleep a tad bit easier at night. 🙂


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