PHP 4.3.2 is out

A new release of PHP is out today. It looks like a required update with a HUGE amount of other bug fixes!
Update! I upgraded 2 servers. One with Apache 1.3.27, php_accelerator went fine, but the other with mod_ssl, mod_gzip and php_accelerator refused to work. Every request resulted in a seg fault. I compiled PHP with mm support for mod_ssl (is that necessary?) but haven’t got time to track down where the crash occurs. (I tried disabling both mod_gzip and php_accelerator with no luck)
I’ll give it another go later.

2 thoughts on “PHP 4.3.2 is out

  1. I’ve had that segfault on every request thing happen a few times before, in the past it has always been related to mod_perl or mod_gzip. Recompiling mod_gzip usually helped. You might need a new version of PHPA too, not sure.

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