Bad Company 2 Conquest went well tonight…

Bad Company 2 Conquest went well tonight. First with Mike and then with Duck. We didn’t win every game but they were enjoyable and that’s the main thing isn’t it? Got the “Flag Attacker Pin” 3 times too. Capture 4 flags in a round.

The other night my brother called over and we played some split screen Halo Reach. Good fun in Firefight, and Duck joined us again. We were slaughtered when we joined a game of Swat Magnums. Ouch. Tye joined us just as we were logging off, so hopefully we’ll get a few games in another night.

Congrats David on getting 1000 subscribers to your channel. Great achievement and a testament to the entertaining videos you upload!

I rendered a Halo Reach game and while I did upload it to show a few people, I want to add some sort of commentary on it before I make it public. Here’s a tip for Linux users, who have a remote server and who render videos on Bungie Pro. Download the video from on to your server. I used wget in an ssh session. It downloaded the full 515MB in a matter of minutes. Then launch Chrome, Firefox or your favourite browser from your server and display it on your desktop machine using the remote desktop ability in X and login to Youtube. Now hit the upload form and when you browse you’ll actually be browsing your server’s home directory! I uploaded that 515MB file in about 2 minutes. My home broadband would have been there all night doing that as the upload speed is much slower than download!

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