You buying Medal of Honor?

It all seemed so easy in the last year or so to pick what games to buy.

  1. Modern Warfare? Check.
  2. Modern Warfare 2? Check.
  3. Bad Company 2? Check.
  4. Halo Reach? Check.

Medal of Honor? I don’t know yet. I’m waiting to see what Mike thinks of the game!

Meanwhile, videos have started to appear on ye olde Youtube..

Geoff likes it. +1

NGT likes it. +1

d0n7bl1nk likes it. +1

So, thumbs up from a number of Youtube commentators. Apparently lag has been pretty bad on all versions, particularly the consoles. Hopefully they’ll get that sorted out.

I’m actually enjoying Halo Reach and wishing it was multi platform so I could play in a game with my friends on the Playstation 3, but maybe the next Bungie game will give us that opportunity. I briefly considered buying a PVR as all the cool kids are doing that, but Bungie Pro is cheap enough, and you can render 50 minutes of gameplay for US$5 which won’t break the bank. If I feel motivated enough to try that, add a voice over and upload it, then I’ll splash the cash. It’s not as if I get amazing gameplay all the time but I do have my moments.

0 thoughts on “You buying Medal of Honor?

  1. I’m a fan of the previous MOH games so I’ll be buying this. Thanks to you I got to play the beta version but needless to say I didn’t like the look of it, I thought it looked to much like COD. Dont get me wrong, I love COD but I believe games should have their own unique look and feel, unless its a sequel.

    I wont be playing it on-line for while though as new games tend to have a lot of lag until the infrastructure gets upgraded to take the load. I’m more interested in the single player for this game.

    1. Geoff/Sasbenjr replied to my comment on his video above recommending the single player game too so it’s looking like a “buy” for me too, but possibly not straight away.

      1. Yeah? Let me know if you think the multiplayer is worth it and I’ll get it. But from the reviews and what you showed of the multiplayer it might be best to wait one month and see if we’re up to our necks in BC2 Vietnam and COD.

      2. Well I got a copy last night and played a few hours of single player and not much of the multi-player.

        Single player has some impressive moments but in general it has a very cheap feel to it. Explosions are not what you expect from a fps these days and it actually reminded me of playing a very old shooter before the days of consoles. I thought with Dice involved we would have seen some nice destruction like we see in BC2, nah no where near it.

        Another thing, my PS3 struggled to keep up with the graphics, sound kept dipping in & out and there was some lad (on single player too). It could be just my console because we have an Xbox here and there was no signs of those issues.

        As for multi-player, I don’t like it but there again its early days for me. Games are approx 7 minutes long with lots of kill, die, kill with no real structure in the battle. There again this because I was probably a newbie and it could be down to the game mode I was playing. I really cant see me spending much time playing the multi-player, it just didn’t give me excitement that COD or BC2 did.

        I try and write up a review of it but the above is my first impressions.

  2. Mike emailed me and David last night to say that we shouldn’t buy the game so I think I’ll hang on to my pennies for the Vietnam expansion and Black Ops.

    Gavin – do you have Reach? I can’t remember if I saw you playing that. I had one multiplayer game of it last night and had my ass handed to me. It’s no fun playing without friends on the team…

    I also rendered 2 minutes of an earlier game so I might try throw a commentary over it over the weekend if I find time (and energy, weekends are exhausting).

    1. Halo never appealed to me but I am getting bullied by others to start playing it. We have a copy here for the xbox so I might give it a try, are you on PS3?

      I have loads of footage that needs to be rendered but like you its finding the time to get it done, there is only so many hours I can sit in-front of the computer every day.

      1. Am I on PS3? Yes, I’m on your friendslist as “donnchaoc” remember? 🙂

        Even if you’re not a fan of Halo, Firefight is fun with a few friends. Maybe I’ll persuade you to come join us some evening for a game.

      2. lol No I didnt mean it like that, I should have said are you on the PS3 with Halo? cause I know you have the xbox also. I’ll give it a whizz on xbox sometime and if its something I like I’ll buy it for the PS3.

  3. MoH isn’t happening for me, mostly because of a combination of shooter fatigue, lack of time to play anything, and the pretty ridiculous replayability of Reach multiplayer. (And a little thing called Rock Band 3.)

    I even traded in all my CoD games recently because post-Reach I’m pretty sure I won’t subject myself to that particular brand of torture anymore.

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