Fly! The new Minecraft map is now live!

Minecraft is dead, long live Minecraft! The old map that used to be on the Minecraft server is gone, and replaced with a fabulous map generated from the seed “fly”. Don’t worry, the old map isn’t completely gone. When you login there’s a link to the zip file where you can download it, and instructions on installing it too.



Hours of fun with Sanctum

That’s what an hour and a half of playing Sanctum looks like! Great games with the guys last night but in casual mode it’s just aΒ littleΒ too easy. The damage to our core happened when enemy flew over us and we were so busy shooting the ground based guys!

I think Tye and Duck both recorded a few rounds so there might be a commentary coming from them in the next few days.

Live “commentary” thanks to Duck. πŸ™‚

BfBC2: Fighting Back against CheaTs

A recent game I had with Gavin and ThrashHMG against a very tough attacking team. Somehow we kept them off, and I think they were just unlucky not to get the 3rd base as they flanked behind us and were picking off defenders at their leisure!

Well done team, and great to see Bravo 2 Company do well! πŸ™‚

TF2: Heavy vs Spy

Just a short clip of me as a brazen spy flanking a hulking heavy, iTimoleagueDuck who was ripping my team apart.

We had some great games tonight though both of us are still noobs at it. We still managed to score highly on the leaderboards and I refuse to credit the fact we were playing with a few bots for that achievement. We rocked! (As much as any noobs will!)

First go playing TF2 online!

So, after playing against bots for a few days I joined a Team Fortress 2 server this evening with David and we had a pretty good time! First David joined an empty payload server escorting a train to the other side of the map. Good clean fragging fun there, especially with a rocket launcher!

Next a game of capture point on Gravel Pit and we got thrown on to different teams. Woah, great stuff! The server was a mixture of humans and bots though I didn’t realise that for a while. The replay function works really well but I didn’t have Quicktime installed so I couldn’t save them. Sucks that I lose the recordings when I exit TF2! πŸ™

PS. Thanks Deffik and Shaz for the games of Bad Company 2. My computer just wasn’t up to the task this evening, though I did enjoy taking down all those helis with the VADS!

David blasting my team to smithereens with his minigun!