It's Toddtime at Sacred Heart

Some said “Even The Todd wouldn’t wear those” but I think he would. In a recent episode of Scrubs, Todd had a tshirt with the url, emblazoned on it. Fearful for what I’d find there, I visited and discovered something so unreal, so shocking that I had to share it with you.


If the Quicktime movie doesn’t load for you, someone kindly uploaded it to Youtube as well. Click the “Read more” link to view it as I want to spare the sensibilities of the casual visitor here. It’s so YEEEEA!!!

27 thoughts on “It's Toddtime at Sacred Heart

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  2. good times. the todd is priceless. we just got the new season and diggin it.. totally far out. lol.

  3. website of the year 5 stars
    at first i thaught it was a fake site for the show
    but it actualy exist.

    frankie smales

    (scrubs fan)

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