Halo Reach: Death in pictures

I previously mentioned watching Paul as he ran away from big hulking monsters in a recent game of Firefight but it was actually his pal, Valkyr1e, who was last man standing in the game I was thinking of. Paul’s time came in a different game!

Halo Reach allows you to play back any of your recent games in it’s Theatre mode. You can render videos from games if you give them money but you can take screenshots for free, so…

This is me. Facing a bloody huge monster who fires green bolts of fire every few seconds. Oh no! I’ve got my assault rifle, threw my last grenade behind this huge guy a few seconds ago. What to do? Back away, back away, back away!


Brown Pants Time! Fire! Fire! Fire!


Blood spurts everywhere as I go flying backwards after being brutally punched by this huge armoured alien. In the background you can see Valkyr1e, a moment too late to save my ass.


Unfortunately with Paul and myself out of the game Valkyr1e was up against some tough competition. We watched over his shoulder as he made a tactical retreat out of danger.


It was hopeless. He dived out of cover and made a break for it going for the weaker enemies down slope.


No sooner had he dispatched one of his foes when he was struck cowardly from behind and fell under a hail of blows and laser fire. The objective had been lost.


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