How to Make a Paper Origami Cube

I used to take the bus to school. I would spend about 2 hours every day on busses or waiting for a bus so there was plenty of what I would now longingly think of as “down time”. Time for talking, fooling around, staring into space, reading, whatever.

Back in the day, bus tickets in Ireland were almost square pieces of paper. I was sorely disappointed when a few years ago I took public transport for the first time again and I was handed a long strip of paper. Once I’d cut off the extra bit of paper to make a square I used to make tiny little Origami waterbombs or cubes or even a flapping bird if the mood suited me.

I still use Origami, I made a cube for my son yesterday but I was shocked when:

  • I couldn’t remember how to start it after the initial fold.
  • I hadn’t blogged about it here before!

I made an Origami camera too. It was quite hard to make and in the end not great. I’ll have to try my hand at some more of the the traditional models.

A Lament for the Living

Lament for the Living

Well, look what stumbled into my house the other day. No, not a zombie. It was the postman, he almost tripped on the sticky-up-bit of the door before handing me a box from Amazon. Inside was a signed copy of David Nicol’s latest book, Lament for the Living. I gave the postman a quick look to confirm that he wasn’t bitten or moaning and sent him on his way. He looked a bit frightened.

The book is a great read. If you like zombie books you’ll love this one. One scene in particular had me laughing out loud as I imagined it in my head. Unfortunately it turned really grim shortly after so I was, “Errm, oops. Yikes! That turned nasty quickly!”

I liked how the story progressed, even if revelations later in the book were quite disturbing. Nicol twists the story around making me identify first with one lot, then another, then I find they’re .. well, you’ll have to read the book now, won’t you?

Get it on Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) or even itunes. The official page for the book also lists a few more local Amazon sites and other sites where the book can be bought. Amazon let’s you have a sneak peak of the start of the book if you want it.

Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy by the author and I’m friends with him. The links above are not affiliate links. Whether that clouds your judgement of my post or not is up to you. I enjoyed the book.

Like a dog and his ball

Like a dog and his ball

That there is Oscar, my shih tzu. He loves chasing tennis balls but his activity these days is limited as he suffers from joint pains and has a heart complaint. I did however notice a spring in his step this morning and I think it may have to do with the newly released WordPress 3.6 or “Oscar” as it has been named. Matt says the release was named after the famous jazz pianist Oscar Peterson but we all know the cute little dog that really inspired the naming of the release, now don’t we?

Regardless of naming inspiration, the new version has fixed a ton of bugs, added new features and has the amazing Twenty Thirteen theme I’m really looking forward to trying out. Make sure you upgrade ASAP!