The WordPress plugins I have released or modified. If these plugins prove useful to you, please consider browsing my Amazon Wishlist and buying me a gift.

  1. WordPress MU – not a plugin but a whole new version of WordPress that enables a site to run multiple blogs off one install of the software. Also used on
  2. No Adverts for Friends – as explained in, “Friends don’t let friends see adverts“, I don’t want to show adverts to regular visitors of this blog.
  3. Comment Referrers adds the referrer to comment notification emails..
  4. Flickr Comment Importer imports comments from your photos on Flickr into your blog.
  5. Flickr Blog This to Draft stops your post appearing when you blog a photo from Flickr. Instead it will appear as a draft post on your Edit page where you can clean up the generated HTML and fix up the image url if required.
  6. Brian’s Latest Comments Cached caches the output of Brian’s Latest Comments. This plugin can be quite heavy if you have lots of comments so it’s worth caching it!
  7. WP Super Cache is a modification of the plugin, WP-Cache, that creates static html files. These files are directly served by the web server without going through PHP. Extra hooks have been added too to make it easier to modify the caching process.
  8. Blog Voyeur – spy on your visitors!
  9. Cookies for Comments sets a cookie in your browser and marks a comment as spam if the cookie isn’t present later.
  10. WordPress Theme Tester enables you to test new themes without any impact on your visitors.
  11. WordPress Exploit Scanner searches your site for compromised files and database records.
  12. Sitewide Tags Pages for WordPress MU – create a global posts page on your WordPress MU website!
  13. WordPress MU Domain Mapping
  14. Tweet Tweet archives your Twitter tweets and of those you follow plus sends sms notification if you’re a Meteor or Vodafone Ireland customer.
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