Welcome Home Xeer2000!

My gaming blog, Xeer2000 has found a new home. You’ve guessed it, here!

Yesterday I imported all the entries from there into the xeer2000 tag here. I converted status messages on my old blog into Asides which look well. I did have to edit a huge 5MB xml file but thankfully it imported without a hitch. (Tip: always import into a test blog first, and make a backup!)

Why? I used to post on that blog every day but lately that hasn’t been the case, and since I have really failed to keep updating this blog on a regular basis I thought it was time to merge them together. This is after all my personal website. If you came here for WordPress goodies check out the WordPress section!

Following in the grand tradition of asides as used by Matt and others I’ll be making smaller posts and snippets more often. I used to do this all the time years ago. Some things I’d fire off to Twitter without a thought will get pushed here instead. Half the time I retweet something it’s to have some record of a witty or interesting article. I’ll invariably never go look for those RTs ever again (such is the fleeting nature of Twitter) but if they’re here I like to think I’ll stumble across them again and enjoy once more. I can reference them a lot easier here too! So is this a Twitter vs Blog thing? Not really. I just want ownership of my thoughts.

I actually hesitated to bring everything over here. I mean, a grown man playing computer games? Aren’t they for kids? Well, apparently I’m part of a growing demographic.

Most striking is the ESA’s claim that the average gamer is now 37 years old. This theoretical person has been playing games for 12 years and there is a pretty solid chance that he might actually be a she.

I’ve no idea where the ESA pulled those figures, but it’s not hard to believe. Most of the guys I play online with are in their 30s or 40s with only a couple of exceptions!

If you’re a regular reader thank you for hanging around even though this site wasn’t updated very often. Feed readers are great aren’t they? Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy what I post here in the future. If not, well, thanks for stopping by!

Now playing: Saints Row the Third

It’s wacky, it’s crazy and it’s insane. This is part of the intro level. Absolutely love it!

I also got Skyrim and various other games in the Steam sale but SRtT has to be my favourite recently purchased game.

Darwinia’s Spectrum Roots

I bought Darwinia as part of a recent Humble Bundle. In fact it was really the only reason I bought it as I enjoyed Multiwinia and heard that the original game was great too, and it is!

Anyway, here’s an intro that greets you when you start the game. It’s only one of a number of different ones but it’s my favourite. Took me right back to my Speccy owning days in the late 80’s!

Oh, go get the Introversion bundle, well worth the asking price (whatever you decide to pay!)

Battlefield 3 stats for your own site?

Battlelog is very useful but sometimes you want to have stats for your own site.

With that in mind I’ve come across 2 APIs that can be used to talk to EA’s servers:

  • bf2s.com have an API for Battlefield 2 that is the same as the one for bfs3.com.
  • The bf3stats.com api is explained here and looks fairly easy to work with.
  • There’s also a WordPress plugin that uses the bf3stats.com api to power a widget.

I haven’t tried any of the above but I will be downloading the WordPress plugin, hopefully I can submit a few patches to the author if I can as we’ll need shortcode support if it’s to work on the B2C site.

BF3: Helicopters and AA on Noshahr Canals

Two very differing commentaries on Noshahr Canals (rush) in Battlefield 3. One gives tips on flying a helicopter, the other shows how overpowered a good driver on the AA gun on that level is!

Meanwhile I started playing the game on Xbox 360 last night and it was the exact same as on PS3. Until you unlock some of the better weapons it’s really tough. It didn’t help that I was dumped into losing teams, even getting spawn trapped on one map.