Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

As you may have guessed from the title we played the Zombie levels in COD World at War last night. David, Mike and myself were all noobs at the game mode but Tye explained how things like the magic box worked. We eventually lasted until round 12 in the last game I played with them. Getting overwhelmed with zombies at the end was quite an experience! Spectating was a blast though, especially watching over his shoulder as David ripped apart zombies!

We played some other game modes earlier. Mike and myself played a game or two of domination on a sub base level and did fairly well. David logged in and then Tye joined us and we hopped into some deathmatch. Oh dear. We got plastered. Apart from the teenage boys practicing their soprano voices, players on the other team were obviously old hands at the game. They knew all the routes, some were armed with MP40s, they dominated us in every way unfortunately. What I’d like to know is why teenage boys are doing playing a videogame on a Saturday night? Billy no-mates?

WAW has a neat cooperative mode where you can play the original levels from the game. While I was waiting for the other guys to show up I played that level in Berlin where you go into the underground. What’s more. Any XP you earn goes towards your online multiplayer leveling! I got to level 10 and unlocked the MP40. Apparently that’s the weapon of choice for all the try-hards as it’s overpowered. Yes, I’m sure I’ll use it too. 🙂

Not to self. Read the Call of Duty Wiki. This is Juggernaut. I definitely saw the, “Juggernaut symbol (a plus sign in a red and white circle) will appear just below the crosshairs” when I was playing last night.

PS. Here’s David’s post about the dire games we played. He has lots of valid points unfortunately.

Pyropuncher on WAW. He says if he plays after 7pm he inevitably gets into a game hosted in the US. Unfortunately I rarely play anything before 7pm..

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  1. Yeah, Cards left a comment linking to it. I recognised a moment in the game where I threw a flashbang into a building and he went diving in killing everyone! 🙂

  2. If you ever want to play some of the campaign levels in co-op let me know, I’d be interested.

    1. That sounds like a great idea! You can select difficulty level so I chose medium last time but it was easy enough, err, except when your buddy revives you after you rush into a room full of nazis.. oops.

      1. As long as its not veteran I’m fine with the difficulty. My veteran play through of WaW was one of the worst experiences ever but I had to do it to get those silly trophies. Hardened difficulty I find provides a good challenge but usually isn’t over the top.

      2. I played the MW2 campaign on veteran and got as far as the alleys of Favaila before giving up. I certainly don’t want to revisit that difficulty setting!

        I’d have sent a friend request to the guy I was playing with but he didn’t have a mic. He must have had a keyboard as he sent me a few messages in response to things I said. Definitely fun.

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