Smoke rocked the games of Bad Company 2 …

Smoke rocked the games of Bad Company 2 we played last night. David and I joined a game of rush and I was mostly assault, and smoking it up on defense and attack for most games and it paid off. We won every game played I think!

On past experience I remembered running out of smoke grenades, even with an ammo box at my feet so I equipped the extra explosives perk giving 4 grenades. I was able to lay down a never ending barrage of smoke to protect us. We successfully defended on the first base on White Pass and Laguna Presa.

The enemy were down to about 30 tickets on White Pass. They had blown the MCOM station on the ground and did some serious damage to the walls surrounding the upstairs one. We had clear line of sight out to the construction site, and of course our backs were exposed through the window behind us. Eventually, the enemy took out all the cover inside the room too, and did arm it a few times. We had a few medics on our team who did sterling work reviving me after a few 40mm grenade deaths. We didn’t have a wall, but we did have smoke, and because of it the attackers couldn’t see into the room. We successfully defended by the skin of our teeth. Thanks David, Wiid, Ogga and later Tye for some superb games.

Oh, i’m 10 kills away from a platinum on my AN94. Wooh.

Can’t say the same thing about World at War. The evenings seem to bring on the loudmouthed idiots. Screaming, shouting, playing music through the intermission. Each time I’ve played earlier in the day that has never happened. Perhaps the kids are still asleep or at school. So, for the next session of Call of Duty I’m going to use a Skype session if possible, or at the very least mute VOIP. If you play WAW with me DM me on Twitter and we’ll sort something out.

We didn’t do so well at WAW team deathmatch. I read yesterday that Treyarch don’t try to match players of similar skills and I’d believe it.

Check out David’s post about the night’s gameplay too!

Update! David posted a great video of our attack and defence on White Pass. Like him, I was amazed when we won that game defending Alpha!

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  1. I’m going to see if I can edit the attack and defense on White Pass in to one video as it was the first time I’d done both – and they were relatively short games.

    After you left, Sulley joined us and the winning continued through Atacama Desert, we quit out of Nelson Bay when some guys on our team started C4ing our own stations and finally on Arica Harbour we had a really long game where we were ultimately let down by the pussies on our team who would not push up to the final MComs. We armed them umpteen times only to get killed and disarmed while the rest of our team toasted their marshmallows.

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