First Symbian/Series 60 Virus?

This virus, called EPOC.Cabir is a “proof of concept” virus.

It repeatedly sends itself to the first Bluetooth-enabled device that it can find, regardless of the type of device (ie even a Bluetooth-enabled printer will be attacked if it is within range).

I’m glad I have bluetooth turned off on my Nokia 7650!

By Donncha

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1 reply on “First Symbian/Series 60 Virus?”

I got hit with this today! There i was sitting in a pub with my mate, Stella Artois and my 6680 started going mad! ‘Do you want to recieve a message from 6630’ was all it said and i could not just say no. A quick strole out of bluetooth range and a virus scan later it was gone but still, a pain.

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