Couple of games of WAW with Conor to sta…

Couple of games of WAW with Conor to start with and I had a few half decent games. Got a few double kills, and even earned the recon plane once. Lots of trash talking in the lobbies of course. If I’m playing it without anyone on my friends list I’m going to set the VOIP volume to 0 so I don’t have to hear all that crap.

Top of the team!

We followed that up with a coop campaign game, and were joined by 2 others. One of whom sounded like a 12 yro and kept saying, “follow me, I know where the ray gun is!” He got that ray gun of course.

The MP40 with Juggernaut is a beast of a combination and I know I wasn’t the only one using it! The distinctive sound of that gun is easy to make out..

Blur finally as David said they were trying to get some footage for Duck. We joined very late and I only had one game. Conor and I came last and second last. I really don’t think Blur is going to be part of my regular gaming.

Great Bad Company 2 triple commentary by Cards, David and Colin on a game we played 2 weeks ago. What sets this triple commentary apart from others is that I was playing too!
No, that’s not it. David’s editing of the video takes this format to a higher level. In other multi-video commentaries I’ve watched the producer will show the videos of all participants on the screen, one in each corner and I’m left wondering, “Who the hell do I watch? I’m not going to watch each little box! Watch this video 4 times? Screw that!” No, David zoomed in and out of his and Cards’ videos as action took place. It’s a simple trick but takes time to do well and he took that time. Nice work.

PS. Cards says the most powerful class in WAW is the following:

Bouncing Betties
Steady Aim.

Heed his warning never use it again once you get good at the game! 🙂

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  1. Wondering about the XP in co-op mode found this on the XP page in the call of duty Wiki

    “Remember that in Co-op ONLY the XP gained from Co-op challenges count for your level, the XP earned in the Co-op missions for kills or objectives do NOT count.”

    Also seriously thinking of doubling the broadband as I’m weary of getting kicked out of online games.

    1. Got the 7GB, going to a broadband test site tonight and tomorrow to make sure there is a difference. Shouldn’t get kicked out of blur again.

      1. That was quick! You should see a difference, but the biggest thing that makes a difference is your ping. You can have all the bandwidth you might want but if your ping sucks the game will suck. Are you using your PS3 over a wireless or wired network?

      2. Wireless to the modem, one story below, and them lines. Ping eh? doesn’t that improve with better broadband. Explain this to me without mentioning pigeons please.

      3. You should try to avoid wireless if you can, especially if the wireless router is far away from you. “Ping” is the time that a packet of data takes to go from your machine to another machine. Wireless will almost always have a slightly slower ping than a wired network. It’s usually a small difference but for gaming it’s huge.

        When I used my Xbox over a wireless network to downstairs it would take quite a while to join a game of Modern Warfare 2. When I hooked it up via one of those “network over powerline” plugs it was a wired connection and I joined games so much faster.

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