It was for a few games of Call of Duty W…

It was for a few games of Call of Duty WAW and Bad Company 2 that I switched on my PS3 last night. Mike joined me in a few coop games of the WAW campaign. It was a blast to play on hardened difficulty and all new to Mike as he hadn’t played the single player game at all.

Next up we joined a few games of Bad Company 2. The BC2 community is definitely getting smaller. Most games were not filled. Games were tough, but we had fun despite the fact our team wasn’t the greatest in the world. Tye joined us shortly afterwards, and we were constantly awarded the best squad medal.

Mike left before or during my last game which was a last tough one. We were defending on Arica harbour. Attackers used every trick possible to destroy the crates. They basically steamrolled through us until the end where we holed up. I smoked the area, and knocked the attackers down to about 11 tickets before the destroyed our last crate. We did well even if they did use C4.

Bad Company 2 with David, Mark and Conor…

Bad Company 2 with David, Mark and Conor tonight. I found it hard to get into my stride but we were playing on a great team and I think won every game. I did come out with a decent KDR in two rounds too!

Ok, ok, never mind that they were crap scores. I was laying down smoke and refilling ammo quite a bit too but whenever my KDR gets near 1 I celebrate!

Still waiting on my component switcher cable. Friday night’s game was in HD and it made a huge difference.

Edit – never mind the above, thinking back over the games I think I’m just peeved that we were playing with such a strong team who played for the objective. I did my share of setting and defending the bomb but this time our squad wasn’t the only one doing so. It was quite amazing how fast we overran the enemy base sometimes. I honestly prefer those games where we have to fight for every inch (but not have to fight too hard!)

Bad Company 2 Helicopter Tutorial

Not another helicopter tutorial? Yes, yes, but this one is good and it’s short. Flying a helicopter in Bad Company 2 is damn hard and AdaptableFuton suggests changing the air controls to BC1 controls. Might make it easier but you probably lose manoeuvrability.

Also, and this is the important bit. Engineers can only repair the helicopter when it’s flying low. I didn’t know that. Must have been dumb luck when I was repairing that we were at the right altitude.

OK, it’s after midnight, I’ll be up ea…

OK, it’s after midnight, I’ll be up early, this is a quick post about the great couple of Bad Company 2 rounds I played with David tonight. Some of the rounds were evenly matched but others were totally lopsided. Both for us and against us. We both got lots of practice in various tanks and helicopters and played really well as a team.

I also played a few rounds with Dutch452 on Xbox earlier, and we did rather well. I leveled up to 10, and improved my win/loss ratio.

On the PS3 it was rough going for quite a while as I decided to level up the assault class. I eventually unlocked the ammo box, but I’m still stuck with the AEK-971. My KDR went up by 0.02. Woo.

More tomorrow (err, tonight) when I’ll hook the PS3 up to the TV and get HD again. Standard resolution is really doing my head in and no sign of the switcher cable from Devineo yet.

While rushing in Bad Company 2 hit the …

While rushing in Bad Company 2 hit the “activate M-COM button” (B on Xbox, O on PS3 isn’t it?) before you get to the bomb. As soon as you’re in range the bomb will start to arm!

You’ll also avoid picking up the kits of those killed next to the bomb, happened to me loads of times. (via)

Operation: Rescue Playstation 3

Operation: Rescue Playstation 3.
Summary: Playstation 3 used as media player for children’s movies is sorely underused and must be rescued.

My Playstation 3 needs rescuing. It’s currently sitting under the television in the living room and acting as a media player. Playing 3 or 4 children’s movies are the main use for it, so it’s definitely not used to it’s full potential. It’s definitely a waste of electricity running the powerful Cell processor to do video decoding!

To that end a media player and flash memory are winging their way from Amazon and they’ll arrive next week! My PS3 will be rescued! I traded in a few games today and bought the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Well, it was either that or Modern Warfare 2 and some friends on PSN have or are getting Bad Company 2!

I played the first few minutes of the single player game and the controller was fine, but I expect it’ll be an uphill battle. And it is. I played a few rounds of Rush on Isla. Once defending and then attacking. I didn’t do well at all but enjoyed myself despite:

  1. The PS3 networking is type 3, or “strict” in Xbox 360 parlance. I didn’t have a mic and I don’t think it would have worked anyway. Hopefully I can fix that once I get it wired to the network.
  2. They were my first games as a lowly rank 0 but I took down a helicopter as an engineer, defended and blew up bombs and helped my team as much as I could. Even if I didn’t yet have a health pack or defibrillator.
  3. I’m still getting used to the controller. I can’t get used to R1/R2 and L1/L2. Do you put your first finger in the R1/L1 buttons and second finger on R2/L2? My hands are two big to do that. Same with melee and grenades. Totally confused me.

I did verify that the following trick does work on the PS3. A quick easy way to destroy a bomb site on Isla!

If you’ve read this far, here’s my Bad Company 2 stats. Yes I suck, but I’ll suck less with time. 🙂