Insane few games with Mike, Conor and Ga…

Insane few games with Mike, Conor and Gavin tonight. I’m pretty sure we won every single game. It was one of those nights where I hung back and didn’t fight as aggressively as I usually do so I didn’t get that many kills, except in the last game. 19/11 was pretty good for me! The team we joined were really aggressive and played really well. So good in fact I was catching up with them all the time!

I only got one crate, 3rd Alpha on Valperaiso. The crate was lit and I remember Mike saying earlier to throw a grenade on it so I fired a 40mm grenade and boom! I got the crate! (Sorry to whoever armed it!)

I also got a cheeky smoke grenade kill! 🙂

My KDR has gone up to 0.80, looking at this page it’s my assault and engineer classes that are dragging everything else up. Win/Loss ratio has jumped from 1.42 to 1.53 tonight. Good games!

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Those were great games, some really crazy moments. I got booted from the PS network twice which drove me nuts. One of them was close to the last MCOM station when I was sitting on the hill with the tank, I was picking off a lot of enemies at that point.

Was Conor MajorNelson that was in our squad?

I got some of those games recorded so I must try and get something done with them. Also need to get my mic sorted so I can chat back to you guys.

Ah MajorNelson is that guy who works for MS lol. I felt bad that I couldnt contribute via the chat as I was listening to what you guys were saying and was able to gain an advantage.

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