I had some good games of Call of Duty Wo…

I had some good games of Call of Duty World at War last night with David, Mike and Cards. I bought the game earlier in the evening in HMV, trading in the Xbox version of it and COD4, and leaving with store credit of 4 Euro to boot!

First things first, I had to change the controls to tactical. Too long playing Bad Company 2 I guess. Then I upped the sensitivity but pushed it down again, and finally, the brightness settings in the game are a bit low. Hang on, very low I meant. A lot of the core maps are gloomy and dark and seeing enemy soldiers can be difficult. Once I pumped the brightness up they became a lot easier to spot!

I did reasonably well, in that I didn’t get slaughtered very often. Maybe I’m just good at hiding. I even got several double kills. One of those ironically when someone warning, “they’re bunched up together over there!” A second later two enemy soldiers came rushing through a doorway and I just had to keep the trigger squeezed to kill both.

I didn’t notice much lag in the games, but there were occasions where I pumped an enemy full of lead and they just kept on running. Only after looking at the screenshots I posted here did I notice that my network meter was at 2 bars most of the time. The one time I had 3 bars I did much better!

Beginner’s luck? Probably, but it was a blast.

Cards uploaded a video of one of the games last night. That was mighty fast!

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  1. yeah it is a good game and yes you did pretty well. but tbh i sold it for a reason and that reason was that the online was laggy, everyone had the maps so you get kicked from every game. oh well

  2. yeah i had a good time playing with u guys, let’s do it again. For some reason..the host had some bad connections last nite. I had 2 bars most games but some I had 3. I posted my best game with u guys on my backup channel if u want to check it out.

    1. Thanks, that was really fast! No hanging around with you, even got a commentary on it. I’ve got to check out more WAW videos.

      I’ll be getting COD4 around Sep 6th from Amazon, but I think WAW was my favourite of the COD series. Certainly for the single player game anyway.

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