The Thieving Duck on The News Of The world


Do you read the UK Sunday newspaper, The News Of The World? A comment was left on my photoblog yesterday saying that newspaper used my Thieving Duck image in their magazine and I’m interested in seeing it for myself. If it’s true, they used the image without permission or attribution and that makes me just a little bit angry.

I’m posting this here because this blog has a lot more readers than my photoblog and I already mentioned it there and nobody responded. I emailed the newspaper yesterday but I’m not holding my breath waiting for a reply.

If you have last Sunday’s newspaper, I would really appreciate a photo of the page in question. I can be emailed at donncha @, thanks!

Update! In case you missed my comment below, I received an email from NotW offering me their standard rate which I’ve accepted. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.

19 thoughts on “The Thieving Duck on The News Of The world

  1. This is happening so much now. Newspaper editors seem to see the internet as one giant free stock library. Redmum got paid when the same thing happened to her…hopefully you will too.

  2. Post up your request on the forums.. Plenty of uk corkonians on there that’ll help you out..

  3. Stupid thing is, I bet if they’d bothered to contact you and ask for permission to use the image, I bet you’d have been happy for them to use it.

    (Great picture btw 🙂 )

  4. Thank you all for commenting! And thanks Donal for starting that thread. It saves me from finding my PROC login.

    At this stage I haven’t actually seen the image in the newspaper so I don’t know in what context it was printed or if it really was printed (and this is some sick joke, but I doubt that, thanks again Ricky for spilling the beans on them!)

  5. I received a positive reply to my email. They’re offering to pay me their standard rate. More to be revealed when I have the cheque in my hand!

  6. It is a great pic Donncha, when they get caught theiving your photo they only offer the minimum? Not very respectful are they? If it’s true we should all shout about this plagiary!

  7. Caoimhin – I’m happy enough to have (hopefully)! been paid. Photos will be stolen and used without permission if they’re put online so it’s what I expect. I am glad they responded so quickly, although it would have been nice to get a credit in the newspaper in the first place.

  8. Why not demand they print an acknowledgment too? Most papers have a little corrections/acknowledgments section now and then – have them print a notice there stating that the photo was yours and that they apologise for missing out the attribution 🙂

  9. Well good on ya Donncha! Don’t forget when you cash that big fat cheque to remember your little Ducky friend, they like Doritos! 😉

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