Doing alright in WAW



I might as well be doing alright in some game. Got slaughtered in a few games of rush this evening.

Sorry Conor, squad was full by the time you logged in! Thanks Mike, Wiid and the other silent reddit player. A squad of level 50 medics proved too much for us in the last game.
Still, we beat them off in the previous game despite their use of c4 on the mcom stations and driving c4 laden quad bikes at them too. Cheap.

It’s strange playing Bad Company 2 again after Call of Duty World at War. WAW is so much faster and arcade like. You have many more close encounters than you do in BC2. Running in BC2 is sedate in comparison.

By Donncha

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Sorry I didn’t accept the invite straight away,I’d gotten 16 kills on the game I was playing and didn’t want to lose them. I joined your group on another team I think, when you left our side got slaughtered by 4 level 50’s who camped in the spawn points and blew us away before we could even run anywhere at each base. Next time I lose two bases so quickly I’m just going to quit, its a sign of frustration to come.

Ouch, so the same as before I left then? Grrr. Somehow my skill level went up after last night’s games. A sure sign I was playing against better players. Next time I’m inviting Mike into my game instead of squading up with him. He’s too good, and that affects the matchmaking!

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