Online Photo Printing Service in Ireland?

I’m looking for somewhere to print digital photos again. This time I don’t want to go into town, find parking, stumble through the crowds and do the human interaction thing in a shop. I want to order online and get the photos to my door in a few days time, all neat and tidy!
I’ve used Spectra Photo before, but not online, but they have a wide range of sizes and are reasonably cheap. They have a useful resolution and quality guide too.
Bonus Print was suggested on by Zoso and they’re even more reasonable, but you need Windows software to upload photos to them.
Mypixmania have a promotion going with Photography Blog at the moment, but they’re in the UK and it’s not clear if they deliver here.)
If you’re in Galway then Matt o’Flahertys chemist will print 300 6×4 prints for €14.99, at least 2 years ago and none of the following comments there say otherwise.
I’ll probably go for Spectra Photo in the end, they’re reasonable at bulk prices and I may opt for different sizes, even large format for one or two. Now, I need someone to supply me with picture frames..
Later… Minus1 points out Shutter Fly. Looks good.

4 thoughts on “Online Photo Printing Service in Ireland?

  1. Try i recently asked them for a calibration sheet(for my monitor), so i’ll be ordering from them soon. I’ll let u know. they seem to have got lots of awards though. nice pics. Some of mine are above. btw, photobox have 305 off for the month of june.

  2. I’ve found to be of decent enough quality with extremely quick delivery, although it isn’t the cheapest service out there. However, occasional orders have been poor with unuseable photos – but they’ve always instantly credited my account for any problems. Main thing I’ve found is that when ticking the autofix button when printing, photos can come back with too much colour so that they look like a bad postcard! They say on their site that unless you are a professional your photos will look better autofixed, but I haven’t seen that and de-select that function now. It also leaves people’s complexions lovely and warm (verging on yellow!). Was looking for another service to try, and domore looks good – nice to use an Irish company.

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