Around Ireland in 80 links on July 12th 2007

  • Mark saw the new Transformers movie and was less than impressed. Say it aint so Mark!
  • Alkos continues to impress with today’s image. Wow.
  • The Irish invented the potato smoothie?
  • It’s not pretty but it is wet and muddy, and God knows why anyone would tramp about in a muddy field, but don’t let me put you off going to Oxegen, Anthony does a good job of it! 🙂
  • Justin notes that the common pint could cause trouble for an inebriated person texting a friend .. “r u going 4 a riot”? Then again, a “shot” of beer would be a lot less harmful.
  • Oh, and you’ll be glad to hear I found a spam blog on thanks to this post 🙂

Around Ireland in 80 links on July 11th 2007

I still don’t know what to call these posts, but thanks to Niall, Michele and Robert for the suggestions.

  • The handyman came to fix a broken door but got a lot more than he was expecting when he called to Flirty’s apartment.
  • The Ireland tag on is a great source of Irish news. Some people question if Bono or Colin Farrell are Irish at all? Have they not seen the episode of Scrubs below? Meanwhile, does the British Army admit defeat against the IRA?
  • Donal has some good photos of Earthrace while it was (is?) docked in Cork. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to pop in for a look.
  • The 7 wonders of the Irish World by the Swearing Lady.
  • Check out Damien’s Fluffy links and Niall’s Crunchy links for more speed linking goodness.
  • If you made it this far and you’re asking, “how do I get into these link posts?” If you’re Irish (come into the parlour… ) or you live in Ireland and you blog, leave a comment or blog something of mine and trackback it and chances are I’ll add you to my feedreader. Then write interesting and/or quirky stuff! 🙂

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 9th 2007

Well, 80 or so links. Maybe a little less.

  • What a ferocious looking cat you have there Claire!
  • Ryan tagged me for 8 things you don’t know about me, but I already did the 5 things and you really don’t want to know more about me do you?
  • Ruairi discovered a silly AIB phishing site. I really really hope nobody fell for this.
  • Haydn introduces Scott Kildall, one of the artists featured at his gallery. Call you shortly Haydn about my images!
  • Eoin explores why “nothing to hide” really isn’t a good excuse for a lack of privacy.
  • Tom is having water problems in Cobh and posted a video of it. The same happens here on occasion, but Frank’s explanation sounds the most plausible.
  • And finally, despite how it may have looked, we had a few caching problems this evening which were quickly fixed. Thanks Twenty for the email and screenshot.

Yes, I still haven’t decided what to call these posts, but I really would like to help expose some (well known, and not so well known) Irish blogs to a wider audience. So, if you have a quirky name for a collection of links to Irish posts I’d like to hear it. Best one wins a link of gratitude in the next post!


the bogosphere snapshot on July 6th 2007

  • Gomaith have their own definition of fettish. In a pub of course.
  • Phil has some great photos from a few gigs held during the week.
  • Eoin wants some attention given to Gaelscoil Cluain Meala.

    … at present they are located in a victorian building previously used by South Tipperary County Council Engineering deptartment and deemed by them to be unsuitable for employees to work in so they rent it to the Gaelscoil …

    It’s a familiar story to anyone involved in primary school education unfortunately.

  • Turly says Guinness workers are leading opposition within the trade union movement to mandatory alcohol testing in the workplace. Hic!
  • Donal wants you to go to the Unitarian Church on Sunday night for Máirtin de Cógáin’s one-man show. The first night was sold out the first night so get there early!
  • Both The Swearing Lady and Grandad comment on our prime minister’s suggestion that the naysayers should commit suicide. Bloody stupid and grossly insensitive thing to say.
  • I knew I had forgotten a few blogs. Treasa has two photos in the Aer Lingus inflight magazine. I’m flying to London in a few weeks time, possibly with them so I’ll look out for the pics!
  • Richard rips apart the Independent’s website and discovers some silly JS redirects.
  • Robert can be glimpsed in the beach scene of Saving Private Ryan.

    I was one of 6 out of 300 that got picked for special placements around set because apparently I look like an intelligent American. If you look closely about 30 mins in after the battle you can see me albeit briefly.

There you go, more to come from Irish blogs next week.

Humour In the news When-in-Ireland

News from the beaches of Cork

Following the news that €105m worth of cocaine was recovered from the waters off West Cork over the last 2 days it appears that some people have been down to the beaches helping Gardai with their investigation..


Thanks Derek for the image, anyone know where it came from originally?


You're all just jealous of Cork

Kathy Foley is right on the ball with her article, You’re all just jealous of Cork from last weekend’s Sunday Times! I was going to post this tomorrow but as Damien beat me to the punch here it is for everyone else to enjoy too.

Life as a Corkonian in Dublin often seemed like one long session as a judge at a terrible talent show. You had to smile through gritted teeth at the impressionists: “So you’re going to do a terrible version of a Cork accent? Great, go on then. It’s only the 12th time today.” You had to laugh at the jokes, or should I say the joke, as it was almost always the same one. Had I heard the one about the Cork mother who says, “My son, the solicitor, is drowning”? Yes, very good. It gets funnier every time.


Tagged for charity by Justin

Justin tagged me for the latest blog meme. Link to Irish charities to improve their pagerank. Looking through the list I see a lot of non-Irish charities and foundations, but I guess they all do good work.

The list of charities so far is:

I’ve added a link to the ISPCC above. Seems like the obvious choice given that my brother has gone to Africa to raise funds for them, it’s the least I could do!

Who will I pass it on to? Ken, Mel and Donal can carry the baton now.

There’s another thing to consider now that this list of links is doing the rounds on Irish blogs. Google is fairly smart. They may very well spot the same text and links, and penalise sites. I don’t know for sure, but they do discount “link exchange programs” so it’s highly likely they’ll notice this meme too.
They may also discount links if many links are seen with the same anchor text. Does this happen if you link with the name of the charity and that name is in the page title or domain? I don’t know, but there be smart boys and girls working at Google!


So what is the Seanad for anyway?

The Government of Ireland is split into two houses. The first House is the Dail where politicians make important and not so important decisions and talk endlessly on matters of State. The second House is the Seanad. This is a little known and secretive group of people who are elected in a complicated election by a small subset of the Irish public.

Who can vote for the Seanad? If you went to University you can, so my wife Jacinta can. She filled in her ballot sheet this morning and while she was wondering who to give her No. 1 vote to I read the newspaper and came across Kathy Foley’s article in the Sunday Times, So what is the Seand for? It’s a very entertaining and cutting look at the Seanad and if you’ve wondered about them you should go read it in full. Here’s a taster for you on this Saturday afternoon:

What happens in the Seanad?
Very little. Senators sit about on comfy leather seats and engage in witty badinage. Unlike the upper houses of parliament in other countries, our senate cannot veto bills from the lower house. It can merely delay them a little. If the Dail passed a bill forcing all citizens to wear yellow hats and blue shoes, the Seanad could object in the strongest possible terms and put the whole plan off for a few weeks. That would give us just enough time to dye our hats and spray paint our shoes.
Sometimes our senators go to America, where they are celebrated everywhere they go. This is because Americans confuse their sort of senators, who are very influential, with our sort, who aren’t.

So there you have it folks. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t vote, but do feel bad if you can’t get a nomination to stand for a €60,000 a year, 2 day a week job.

Movies When-in-Ireland

Round Up the Garda Youtube Videos!

It’s not often that the Gardai are caught on Youtube, or so I thought …

Reclaim the streets – Gardai take a heavy handed approach to clearing the streets.

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Pillars of black smoke rise above the city

Yes, it’s bonfire night again. Driving past the Blackpool Shopping Centre I counted at least 3 thick plumes of black oily and dirty smoke rising from close by. I hope nobody lighting fires around the city objected to the incinerator in Ringaskiddy, those fires probably released more toxins and chemicals than a year of incineration.

Thankfully this year there wasn’t a fire locally. Last year’s bonfire was quite a spectacle but I’d hate to think of baby Adam breathing in all the crap released from burning tires and sofas. Anyway, the good people over at PROC are discussing the night and reminded me that I had researched the origin of the night a while back.

Driving down the Commons Road also proved to me the futility of yet another road safety campaign. At one end of the road a crashed car is displayed for all to see. It doesn’t seem to make a blind bit of difference to drivers as they speed along at 60 to 80kph in a 50kph zone. Granted, the road is long and straight and served by two lanes in either direction but that’s not the point. There are always some pedestrians walking along there. I do admit a certain amount of satisfaction when I inevitably catch up with the offenders at the numerous traffic lights. I bet this busy road will be the location of at least one speed camera when the 600 are introduced in the future.

I need to read and absorb 5 Powerful Reasons to Drive Slower, and How to Do It, driving with speeding maniacs on the road has never been a serene experience for me. (via Dave’s Picks)

Later .. Niall rants about the bad driving he sees on Irish roads. Crazy stuff!