Around Ireland in 80 links on July 9th 2007

Well, 80 or so links. Maybe a little less.

  • What a ferocious looking cat you have there Claire!
  • Ryan tagged me for 8 things you don’t know about me, but I already did the 5 things and you really don’t want to know more about me do you?
  • Ruairi discovered a silly AIB phishing site. I really really hope nobody fell for this.
  • Haydn introduces Scott Kildall, one of the artists featured at his gallery. Call you shortly Haydn about my images!
  • Eoin explores why “nothing to hide” really isn’t a good excuse for a lack of privacy.
  • Tom is having water problems in Cobh and posted a video of it. The same happens here on occasion, but Frank’s explanation sounds the most plausible.
  • And finally, despite how it may have looked, we had a few caching problems this evening which were quickly fixed. Thanks Twenty for the email and screenshot.

Yes, I still haven’t decided what to call these posts, but I really would like to help expose some (well known, and not so well known) Irish blogs to a wider audience. So, if you have a quirky name for a collection of links to Irish posts I’d like to hear it. Best one wins a link of gratitude in the next post!

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