Terminator Salvation Review

So, the reviews are mixed but mostly bad but don’t let them put you off. I went to see Terminator Salvation last night and, maybe because of my low expectations, I enjoyed the movie!

The movie won’t strain your brain cells, it’s a pure action film with huge robots, explosions, fights and a mostly straight forward story. If you loved Starship Troopers, I think you’ll like this film!

11 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation Review

  1. Yeah, everyone seems to have become an armchair critic, afraid that enjoying some dumb fun will mean that we, ourselves, are dumb. Our quality of life would be much better if we approached everything with lower expectations, most things can be enjoyed on some level.

  2. The trailer shows a load of cool robots, but it also shows Christian Bale being an 80s poser macho man. hopefully the film will be good despite him.

    the scene where the helicopter lands on the terminator (0:40)… he shoots the robot, then waits around, shaking his head slowly and philosophically while staring off into some distant horizon while the camera tracks slowly upwards. awful.

    then another scene where he talks without moving the upper part of his face. 1:14 – try covering the lower half of the screen while watching that. it’s like /someone/ is speaking and he’s just standing there in a daze.

    It would be nice if he could speak like a normal person, instead of whispering like he can’t get the Batman character out of his head.

    he was good in Batman Begins. but he has a big head on him now, and his acting skills are going downhill.

    I could be overreacting to the tosser, though.

  3. Starship Troopers was based on a fantastic book full of wonderful philosophical explorations. They should have given the movie a different name.

    1. “philosophical explorations”? Doesn’t sound like that film.

      I’ll have to track down the book. I’m sure I saw it somewhere but thought it was just a book-of-a-film and ignored it.

      1. Andy’s right. IIRC, the book explored the idea that a person who is not willing to die for their country does not deserve protection by it (and further militaristic stuff). It can be read as a straight-forward adventure, though, as can another book of his, Friday.

        Heinlein’s books tend to have really heavy stuff hidden behind them. I’d recommend Time Enough For Love, Stranger In A Strange Land, and The Number Of The Beast.

        In fact, I’m suddenly interested in buying them all again!

  4. I love fighting Scenes.
    I’m no more a minor for this.
    I am also an Avid fan of I-robot movie.
    Robots are great specially if they were created

  5. I totally agree, I’m glad I read all the really bad reviews before I watched it as I think I enjoyed the movie more because of it. I was expecting something far worse than it actually was. Overall it’s a good movie with great special effects, the bikes were cool!

  6. I saw the movie on 27th, and I feel it is an awesome movie.Great effects,graphics
    and yes really good action.It is much better than StarTrek.
    I will give the movie 3.5 out of 5.

  7. I definitely saw a lot of reviews on the movie, a lot of which were not too good. I can agree that large parts and pieces of the movie did not make sense, but all it was a pretty good movie with great special effects and lots of action. I just got done watching Terminator Salvation on DISH Online and it was really cool. It was one that I had been waiting to see, and I finally did. I love DISH Online because just for being a customer of DISH Network, I have access to thousands of movies and TV shows anytime I want at no additional cost! I am also an employee so I have spent a lot of time on the site. I definitely encourage anyone and everyone to take a look at dishonline.com! Whether you are a customer or not, I know that DISH Online has something for everyone!

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