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Two million Blogs

The number of blogs on passed 2 million late last night. I think that’s just amazing and wonderful! Links … Frank asks for the facts behind the cocaine deaths in Ireland recently. I wondered what the odds of dying from cocaine are. Is it really as low as between […]

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How to find cocaine in Ireland

It’s easy to find cocaine in Ireland: You’ll find it in the autopsy reports of Katy French (24), John Grey (23), and Kevin Doyle (21) unfortunately. Go to your local pub. A recent investigation of 1,200 social venues found traces of cocaine in many of them. I wish the how […]

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News from the beaches of Cork

Following the news that €105m worth of cocaine was recovered from the waters off West Cork over the last 2 days it appears that some people have been down to the beaches helping Gardai with their investigation.. Thanks Derek for the image, anyone know where it came from originally?

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How to make cocaine

Cocaine use is ruining many lives, the social side effects of paying for an expensive addictive habit ruins society but it’s also disgusting all the crap they use to make cocaine. As it’s an illegal drug you have to take what you get: petrol, cement, calcium oxide, ammonia, H2SO4 and […]

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