Tagged for charity by Justin

Justin tagged me for the latest blog meme. Link to Irish charities to improve their pagerank. Looking through the list I see a lot of non-Irish charities and foundations, but I guess they all do good work.

The list of charities so far is:

I’ve added a link to the ISPCC above. Seems like the obvious choice given that my brother has gone to Africa to raise funds for them, it’s the least I could do!

Who will I pass it on to? Ken, Mel and Donal can carry the baton now.

There’s another thing to consider now that this list of links is doing the rounds on Irish blogs. Google is fairly smart. They may very well spot the same text and links, and penalise sites. I don’t know for sure, but they do discount “link exchange programs” so it’s highly likely they’ll notice this meme too.
They may also discount links if many links are seen with the same anchor text. Does this happen if you link with the name of the charity and that name is in the page title or domain? I don’t know, but there be smart boys and girls working at Google!

3 thoughts on “Tagged for charity by Justin

  1. thanks for passing it on, Donncha!

    it would really suck if Google did penalise it, although I could see how their algorithms would make that mistake 🙁

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