Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2 and othe…

Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2 and other links round up:

  1. A simple glitch exists in Bad Company 2 to get your tickets back when rushing. Glad I haven’t seen that happen yet but it’s only a matter of time unless it’s patched quickly.
  2. All about boosting in MW2. I only saw it once in-game and unfortunately wasn’t able to stop it. Sucks to be cheaters.
  3. Full Metal Joke: FMJ – FMJ only helps shooting through things, but I’ll still use stopping power, even after reading this.
  4. and Commodore Free for C64 fans.
  5. Digital: a love story set in 1988 with suitably retro interface. (via)
  6. Camping: It’s a Legitimate Strategy

Some Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 …

Some Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 links from around and elsewhere:

  1. How to destroy a base with a UAV in Bad Company 2
  2. Gamer’s View blog
  3. Squad Deathmatch in Bad Company 2. 4 teams of 4 battle it out. The first to 50 kills wins. Haven’t tried it yet. Isn’t it odd that team deathmatch is listed at the top of the game modes in MW2 yet it’s objective games in BfBC2 that are prominent.
  4. Blog of Duty. I liked his smoke grenade post.
  5. New Found Addiction – just in case you’re addicted to Modern Warfare 2. Everything in moderation I say.
  6. How to play stealthy
  7. Games summed up in 5 words
  8. Where to get Xbox Live Subscriptions and Microsoft Points
  9. C4 & Claymore trick
  10. Bad Company 2 Irish clan
  11. Medal of Honor Preview
  12. SMG Guide

The most powerful Doom weapon ever! (via)

Realtime hacking of a C64 emulator! (via)

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Saturday Links

Catching up on some links.

  • Cubic Telecom win it@Cork emerging company award. Congrats Pat!
  • Keith says Airtricity have a simple approach to electricity meter reading. Email and text. Sure you could lie, but they have a good notion of how much electricity you use and I’m sure a meter reader would be out after another month of only 10 units used.
  • 494 comments – I need to paginate the comments on that post.
  • GIMP plugins I discovered through the GIMP Registry RSS feed: photo effects contains a bunch of pretty effects. Cross processing and cross processing 2.4 make your image all green and contrasty. Sort of like these cross processed pictures.
  • Figmentation has some great photos. Another Irish photoblog.
  • My funny video blog now has a pagerank of 2! Not all sites went down I guess. Here’s a great clip of Jeremy Clarkson in his Peel P50 driving around the offices of the BBC in London!
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It's all about the L drivers

2007-10-20_img_7378-hs.jpg It’s all about the learner drivers. Yesterday the Road Safety Authority here in Ireland decided to finally enforce and tighten up the rules regarding drivers on provisional licenses and it caused uproar. I have some sympathy for learner drivers because they were only given 4 days notice. The new regime starts on Tuesday.

While it’s true that learner drivers are in the main more nervous and less experienced than drivers who have passed the driving test, the simple act of passing the test doesn’t suddenly bestow on someone skills and responsible behaviour that remain with the driver throughout their lives. We wouldn’t need the anti-drink driving campaigns or speed cameras if that were true. In Blarney yesterday a woman in a small car crept forward in busy traffic looking out her open window at the street signs with a mobile phone glued to her ear and when she trundled past us I saw a quizzical, worried look on her face as she tried to find where she was going to, completely oblivious of the long tailback behind her.

Four days was way too short however. If you’re going to pull the rug from underneath a large minority of the driving and working public give them adequate warning and improve the training and testing facilities. If everyone handed in fake “my employee needs a car for his job” letters the waiting lists for tests would still be just as long. That’s no way to run a driver testing facility.

It is so easy to say, “You had two years to do the test, why didn’t you do it?” Provisional drivers had it easy unfortunately, there was no stick forcing them to take the test. Now there is. Bloody big stick too. All I hope for are safer roads once the dust settles.

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Friday Links

Links are back, for now

  • Stumble Crumble displays your Stumbled links in your sidebar.
  • GRAMPS – open source geneology software for Linux and Windows and can be compiled on Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Solaris too. Via an Irish blogger, can’t remember who, comment and I’ll update the post! Via James Galvin, thanks for commenting!
  • Thanks Photub for linking to the GIMP lomo plugin I released a few days ago.
  • Remember LOLcats? Now there’s Will someone write a PHP interpreter/compiler? Thanks Alex!
  • Holy Shmoly! is now Gravatar enabled, although I haven’t signed up myself yet. Must see to that this morning. Enabling it on WordPress is really easy. Yes of course, Automattic own Gravatar now.
  • The blogroll update (homepage) plugin opened my eyes. I didn’t know how the “last updated” field in WordPress links was updated, but there’s a file called update-links.php which can be called from Cron to interrogate Pingomatic. Unfortunately is down and seems crap so I’m going to patch the blogroll update plugin to use Simple Pie to grab my blogroll’s feeds once a day.
  • Why do I have all my best ideas when away from the computer? I need a waterproof pad for the shower…

Update – Ryan says WordPress 2.3.1 will be out soon. Expect the new WordPress MU shortly after. There are enough security and bug fixes in .1 to make waiting worthwhile.
Update 2 – is back up and running thanks to Barry. Must get that plugin working over the weekend and finish adding sites to my blogroll.
Update3 – still seems to be causing problems. It returns “XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.” when update-links.php queries it, even though the query is a POST request. WordPress 2.3.1 went live a few hours ago! Time to upgrade, there are important bug fixes in there!


Around Ireland in 80 links on July 18th 2007

  • Anthony found Pixar’s new short cartoon, Lifted. It’s quite fun!
  • I’m amazed that Drogheda Library wouldn’t let a student charge his laptop. “Doing a ryanair on it” alright!
  • Kathy Foley’s festival of mud and horrors tries to understand the fuss over Oxegen. I stay well clear of RTE these days so I missed the hype, but I have to agree with her about the mud .. WHY?
  • Justin wants the vigilantes to stop polluting the phisher’s sites. It makes it harder for investigators to find the real victims.
  • Granny Mar posted a few days ago about July 12th in the North. That’s one hell of a tall pile of tires! Can you imagine the black oily smoke off that heap of rubber? Her daughter Elly was in touch asking if someone could help move her mom’s blog from Blogspot to a shiny new WordPress install. I have my hands full but perhaps some kind soul could get in touch, please?
  • Paul is plugging new “Internet nanny” service Glubble. The Techcrunch write up is fairly positive, but I can just see Adam with a Linux boot disk in a couple of year’s time bypassing all my carefully constructed whitelists to check out the dark side.
  • My Harry Potter post is getting an insane number of hits today. Looks like lots of people looking for the online version!
  • Finally, it’s not Irish news, but Joseph has blogged about the and Facebook integration! Barry blogged about keeping track of the 300 servers Automattic use, and I have to add that if you use any of the premium products on you might see a renewal notice in your Dashboard when your subscription runs out…

I did the online check-in thing this morning and I have an aisle seat. Mark is sitting across the aisle so we both have room to sort-of stretch our legs on the long journey to San Francisco tomorrow!

PS. so nobody wants WordPress stickers? Read my WordCamp post below to find out how you might be able to get a few ..

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 13th 2007

Unlucky 13? Oooer!

  • What would you like to know about me? Apparently a company in Dublin is selling private information.
  • Paul’s friend was dumped over Facebook when his ex-girlfriend changed her status to “single” and “up for it”. Paul, that was mean to laugh! πŸ™‚
  • I would love to see the referers to this post when it makes it’s way into Google. I’m sure Grandad will oblige in a future post.
  • Online photo sharing on via Czajkowski. Anyone else tried them?
  • Kae says could be coming soon!
  • Firefox 3 talk by Marcio Galli in Cork on August 8th. What’s in store in version 3?
  • I got my first Facebook invitation. Should I sign up?

Fred the Band played in the Opera House in Cork recently, after a tour of the US where the following video was shot (after the jump). Their first album was great, the second album was so-so being a bit more of the same thing. You can hear a portion of their new single on their website above. They are absolutely brilliant live however. I took photos of them last year in the Spiegeltent. I never did post photos of the crowd surfing …

Way back in March I took photos at the shooting of a music video for Stanley Super 800. Finally, you can see the resulting video for yourself. No, I’m not in the video, I was in the background with my camera! They did a great job of it, and if you’ve been to Cork, watch out for Scotts on Caroline Street, Patrick’s Hill and the alley across from the College of Art on Emmet Place. Great stuff!

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 12th 2007

  • Mark saw the new Transformers movie and was less than impressed. Say it aint so Mark!
  • Alkos continues to impress with today’s image. Wow.
  • The Irish invented the potato smoothie?
  • It’s not pretty but it is wet and muddy, and God knows why anyone would tramp about in a muddy field, but don’t let me put you off going to Oxegen, Anthony does a good job of it! πŸ™‚
  • Justin notes that the common pint could cause trouble for an inebriated person texting a friend .. “r u going 4 a riot”? Then again, a “shot” of beer would be a lot less harmful.
  • Oh, and you’ll be glad to hear I found a spam blog on thanks to this post πŸ™‚

Around Ireland in 80 links on July 11th 2007

I still don’t know what to call these posts, but thanks to Niall, Michele and Robert for the suggestions.

  • The handyman came to fix a broken door but got a lot more than he was expecting when he called to Flirty’s apartment.
  • The Ireland tag on is a great source of Irish news. Some people question if Bono or Colin Farrell are Irish at all? Have they not seen the episode of Scrubs below? Meanwhile, does the British Army admit defeat against the IRA?
  • Donal has some good photos of Earthrace while it was (is?) docked in Cork. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to pop in for a look.
  • The 7 wonders of the Irish World by the Swearing Lady.
  • Check out Damien’s Fluffy links and Niall’s Crunchy links for more speed linking goodness.
  • If you made it this far and you’re asking, “how do I get into these link posts?” If you’re Irish (come into the parlour… ) or you live in Ireland and you blog, leave a comment or blog something of mine and trackback it and chances are I’ll add you to my feedreader. Then write interesting and/or quirky stuff! πŸ™‚

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Around Ireland in 80 links on July 9th 2007

Well, 80 or so links. Maybe a little less.

  • What a ferocious looking cat you have there Claire!
  • Ryan tagged me for 8 things you don’t know about me, but I already did the 5 things and you really don’t want to know more about me do you?
  • Ruairi discovered a silly AIB phishing site. I really really hope nobody fell for this.
  • Haydn introduces Scott Kildall, one of the artists featured at his gallery. Call you shortly Haydn about my images!
  • Eoin explores why “nothing to hide” really isn’t a good excuse for a lack of privacy.
  • Tom is having water problems in Cobh and posted a video of it. The same happens here on occasion, but Frank’s explanation sounds the most plausible.
  • And finally, despite how it may have looked, we had a few caching problems this evening which were quickly fixed. Thanks Twenty for the email and screenshot.

Yes, I still haven’t decided what to call these posts, but I really would like to help expose some (well known, and not so well known) Irish blogs to a wider audience. So, if you have a quirky name for a collection of links to Irish posts I’d like to hear it. Best one wins a link of gratitude in the next post!