10 of the best multiplayer experiences

I just spotted a two page feature in GamesTM listing their top 10 multiplayer games:

  1. Mario Kart
  2. Bomberman
  3. Street Fighter
  4. Halo
  5. Micro Machines
  6. Battlefield
  7. Worms
  8. Pac-man Vs
  9. Team Fortress 2
  10. Starcraft

What? No Modern Warfare 2? Surely they jest!! OMG WTF!

Anyway, the list above reminded me I had the Orange Box for the Xbox, and included on that compilation is Team Fortress 2. Ihaveneverplayedit! Yes, I have never played it! I also only played Portal on my Macbook with frustrating teeth grinding slow results.

Will I play TF2? I’d like to but probably not unless someone volunteers to join me in a game.

Edit: I found this video of Team Fortress 2, uploaded earlier today so looks like an active community still!




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      1. I know! I played it a few times but for all the interaction with other players I could be playing a single player game!

        Of the games listed, I’ve only played Mario Kart and Battlefield. I really have to give Halo a go sometime, and of course TF2.

  1. I’ve only played a couple of them myself, so here’s my opinion on them:
    1. Mario Kart – like you said, but with cheating douches included
    2. Bomberman – there’s a multiplayer in Bomberman? Are we talking about the c64 version?
    3. Street Fighter – Was never any good at it, so my experience is tarnished with arse handings.
    4. Halo – never liked it due to it being Fastest Finger Wins to me.
    5. Micro Machines – never played it
    6. Battlefield – only played BFBC2, and we know how we all feel about that.
    7. Worms – played against friends on the original Playstation and then Worms 3D on the Gamecube – a good fun game. AI is a complete pig-dog though!
    8. Pac-man Vs – never heard of it.
    9. Team Fortress 2 – not played it
    10. Starcraft – not played it.

  2. I just remembered. I played Micro Machines, but the original game on the Amiga which was a blast. It had on-the-same-screen multiplayer but I think they probably meant a later iteration!

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