Ireland in Brief

I can’t claim to be the author of this piece. I found it on Facebook but a quick Google search shows it in blog posts and forum threads going back to 2010. Being a Cork man, I’ve never been to Newry. I’ll have to rely on my Dublin friends to tell […]


Dr Emoto Water Blessings

From an unsolicited spam email: Greetings, Have you heard about Dr Emoto, who discovered that placing positive words on water bottles produced beautiful crystals in the water? We are an inspirational publishing company. Inspired by Dr Emoto we have developed Water Blessing Labels, re-usable static cling decals that you can […]



Forget all those projects on Kickstarter that are trying to recreate the games of yesteryear. This is a project we can all be part of. An orbital deathray to destroy the Earth. Amazing.


Angela Merkel addresses the Irish Nation

In the aftermath of a devastating football game last night against Spain, Angela Merkel addresses the Irish Nation exposing the harsh reality of our situation. Namely, “are you putting up with ordinary broadband?” Thanks Apres Match.


Welcome to Life

Tom Scott looks at what a corporate sponsored and controlled afterlife might be like. Creepy. That’s why you must choose The Pirate Bay as your primary healthcare´╗┐ provider.

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