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Lunch at the Blue Haven Hotel, Kinsale

Shih Tzu with ball on beach We’ve been busy calling to relatives and making our home baby proof over the last week, so we went down to Kinsale and Garrettstown this afternoon to get away from it all. Even though there was a strong cold wind blowing in off the sea Garrettstown Beach wasn’t deserted. People were out and about walking their dogs, some with kids, others with tiny babies. Oscar, our Shih Tzu, had lots of fun chasing after a tennis ball that seemingly had a mind of it’s own as it arced through the air!

Back in Kinsale we met a friend for lunch in the Blue Haven Hotel. The hotel has been there for years but recently underwent a facelift and is beautiful and luxurious inside. Despite the crush of post-Christmas punters looking for food and/or a drink staff were great and found us room for Adam and a baby seat. I ordered an open steak sandwich while Jacinta had fish and chips and Niamh ordered salmon linguini.

Service was a little slow but as the staff were run off their feet it’s understandable. Adam was fed and watered by the time we were served our food, and we made short work of it. My steak sandwich was nice, if a little on the small side. Chips were salty but tasty. The Christmas pudding I had for dessert filled me up nicely though!

So, I definitely recommend the Blue Haven Hotel for a meal. This was our second time there in the last month. The last time I had their burger. It’s a beautiful hotel, food is good, and it’s very baby friendly!

Blue Haven Kinsale Open steak sandwich

Blue Haven Receipt

Blue Haven Hotel Burger

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News from the beaches of Cork

Following the news that €105m worth of cocaine was recovered from the waters off West Cork over the last 2 days it appears that some people have been down to the beaches helping Gardai with their investigation..


Thanks Derek for the image, anyone know where it came from originally?

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WordPress Love on the beach

OK, so maybe I had something to do with this picture, but I had to counter the bebo message with one of my own!


An Fear Marbh

An Fear Marbh lies in the distance as seen from Baile na nGall.


On a day like this…

Why sit inside on a lovely day like this?

Church Bay this evening. It’s low tide and those fishermen weren’t catching anything. Would you need an excuse to stand on the rocks flinging a lead weight into the water? I thought not!

Houses near Roches Point Lighthouse.

Ruby, a beautiful Springer Spaniel kept us entertained in Bunny Connellans while we enjoyed a drink. She’s gorgeous, I want a dog!

Old shop window at Myrtleville Beach. Closed now, and those stickers are ancient!

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All Tied Up

A fishing boat tied up in Galway Harbour.