You're all just jealous of Cork

Kathy Foley is right on the ball with her article, You’re all just jealous of Cork from last weekend’s Sunday Times! I was going to post this tomorrow but as Damien beat me to the punch here it is for everyone else to enjoy too.

Life as a Corkonian in Dublin often seemed like one long session as a judge at a terrible talent show. You had to smile through gritted teeth at the impressionists: “So you’re going to do a terrible version of a Cork accent? Great, go on then. It’s only the 12th time today.” You had to laugh at the jokes, or should I say the joke, as it was almost always the same one. Had I heard the one about the Cork mother who says, “My son, the solicitor, is drowning”? Yes, very good. It gets funnier every time.

7 thoughts on “You're all just jealous of Cork

  1. Honestly I have not heard that Cork/mother/lawyer joke. Can someone complete it for me? I’m in Canada so I don’t really hear those Cork/Dublin accents that often (visited three times but not in the past two years).

  2. Why would one be jealous of Cork?
    lets look at it, hills and more hills, and then you have the people who can not find there way out of it, so maybe that is why they think it is great.

  3. db – that was the first time I heard that job actually, but the joke is in the fact the mommy was so proud that her son was a solicitor she had to mention it even while he drowned. I don’t get it either, but obviously Dublin people do 😉

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