Plex adds free movies and tv streaming

I don’t think it’s going to rival Netflix but I just got an email from Plex saying they’re now offering free streaming of movies, tv shows, music shows and documentaries.

I had a quick look and the selection was small, and with not many movies there that I’d recognise. Playback is advert supported so hopefully they’ll do well. This engadget article says,

only about one-third the amount of ads you’d expect on cable television” and that while some movies and TV shows will be geo-restricted, the “vast majority” of content will be available worldwide

You can still serve your own collection of media through Plex and I’m not too gone on the selection of movies I saw but hopefully it’ll improve with time.


Mission Impossible: Ireland

The IMF team visited Ireland, in 1988. This is no Tom Cruise movie. This is the 1988-1990 remake of the 70’s hit TV series and I was glued to it.

Shame about the awful Irish accents but this was around the time of Far and Away when Tom made an appearance alongside Nicole Kidman with some really dire accents.


More like John Slip

Behind the Scenes of the Shooting scene in the Matrix. At about 2 minutes in Keanu Reeves slips and falls. In the final scene they switched camera view.

Via this Reddit post.


A Magic VIC 20 in John Wick 2

John Wick 2 is a movie like a violent shoot-em-up game with a body count approaching that of a typical Call of Duty game. But it’s also got a retro heritage, with old fashioned telephone exchanges, rotary dial telephones and even a venerable Commodore VIC 20.

It’s also a magic computer because it wasn’t even plugged in, and the power light was unlit. It was a hero prop so they should have noticed!


On the set of Skyfall

Remember that helicopter crashing into the farmhouse?

Via Reddit.

Movies Youtube

Thank you for Smoking

That scene where the Merchants of Death compare American deaths by smoking, alcohol and firearms.

What’s your poison?


I’d watch this Ghostbusters movie

This is a fan cut version of the original trailer and it’s much better. They need to hire him to fix the movie.
 Via Reddit


A Commodore 64 in Police Academy 3

I honestly don’t remember this at all. The C64 was just a prop, but it’s still nice to see the breadbox there! It’s a pity they used the arcade version of Paperboy and not the C64 conversion however.


The Cork Film Festival Bundle

Pay what you want for Irish and international shorts, features and movies in The Cork Film Festival Bundle.

For a movie based bundle the page lacks embeddable media I can easily use here but it looks worth it and I bought the bundle. The interview with James Mulligan explains what the bundle is all about but you’ll have to visit the page to view it.


Back to the Future: GTA Style

A heavily modified Grand Theft Auto 4 game that lets you be Marty McFly and drive a DeLorean. Nice. Time travel? Oh yes!

It isn’t one single mod so unless you grab his install directory you won’t be playing it any time soon, sorry if I got your hopes up! (thanks Gammagoblin!)