News from the beaches of Cork

Following the news that €105m worth of cocaine was recovered from the waters off West Cork over the last 2 days it appears that some people have been down to the beaches helping Gardai with their investigation..


Thanks Derek for the image, anyone know where it came from originally?

6 thoughts on “News from the beaches of Cork

  1. I have no idea where Cork is but I can tell, that this cocaine could be brought there by the clouds from Rome.
    Scientists have just discovered, that there is a significant amount of cocaine dust in the air of the Italian capitol.

    So, when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do 🙂
    Smell the air and feel la dolce vita…

  2. Hey Dude – I’m the one on the pic. My Girlfriend made this pic in 2005 in Northern Germany at this point here – . I can prove that by *exif Tag in the original pic and i have a lot of people who recognize me on that pic! It is unbelievable how much people have seen that pic. The 1st was uploaded on search for whale ….
    Greetz from Germany

  3. Its me, Its taken on the arctic ocean in barrow alaska by my moms boss, someone in her family uploaded it to the internet, and it got E FAMOUS.

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