Around Ireland in 80 links on July 13th 2007

Unlucky 13? Oooer!

  • What would you like to know about me? Apparently a company in Dublin is selling private information.
  • Paul’s friend was dumped over Facebook when his ex-girlfriend changed her status to “single” and “up for it”. Paul, that was mean to laugh! 🙂
  • I would love to see the referers to this post when it makes it’s way into Google. I’m sure Grandad will oblige in a future post.
  • Online photo sharing on via Czajkowski. Anyone else tried them?
  • Kae says could be coming soon!
  • Firefox 3 talk by Marcio Galli in Cork on August 8th. What’s in store in version 3?
  • I got my first Facebook invitation. Should I sign up?

Fred the Band played in the Opera House in Cork recently, after a tour of the US where the following video was shot (after the jump). Their first album was great, the second album was so-so being a bit more of the same thing. You can hear a portion of their new single on their website above. They are absolutely brilliant live however. I took photos of them last year in the Spiegeltent. I never did post photos of the crowd surfing …

Way back in March I took photos at the shooting of a music video for Stanley Super 800. Finally, you can see the resulting video for yourself. No, I’m not in the video, I was in the background with my camera! They did a great job of it, and if you’ve been to Cork, watch out for Scotts on Caroline Street, Patrick’s Hill and the alley across from the College of Art on Emmet Place. Great stuff!

Fred The Band
Stanley Super 800

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